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  1. SuperDave

    Race Photos - MDR Ridgecrest 200

    Here’s a link to some photos from last weekend’s MDR Ridgecrest 200 race. -Dave
  2. SuperDave

    MDR McKenzie's 400

    The MDR McKenzie's 400 race is comming up this Saturday. McKenzie's is putting up the following bonus money. $500 - Overall $500 - Class 550, 1000, 1300, 1600 $750 - Class 300, 1450 In addition, Weldtec is offering a $2,500.00 bounus to first place in class 1600 using a Weldtec chassis...
  3. SuperDave

    MAXXIS TIRE is the official tire of MDR

    Just saw this on MAXXIS TIRE is putting up a good chunck of change for contingency to MDR racers.
  4. SuperDave

    Missing a license plate?

    Did anyone here lose their license plate at the last MDR race in Barstow?
  5. SuperDave

    VW Transmission

    What's a good, strong VW transmission for a prerun buggy? Someone told me to look for a bus trans with a 6-web case. Is there a particular model number or year I should look for? Do any shops in the Southern California area sell ready-to-install off-road built VW transmissions? I'm planning...
  6. SuperDave

    MDR Race - Main Pit for Course B

    The new "B" course in Johnson Valley is now marked for next weekend's MDR race. Main Pit and Start/Finish for this course is approx. 1/4 mile East from the old course, which is located between Camp Rock Road and Anderson Dry Lake. Start/Finish is located at N 34*33.598' and W 116*46.221'...
  7. SuperDave

    Class 5 suspension

    Does anyone know what class 5 guys are using for suspension these days? Specifically how much wider front axle, length of front arms, length and width of rear trailing arms? - Dave