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  1. Brian & Amy

    Don't mess with Rescue vehicles!

    ^X10 -Brian & Amy
  2. Brian & Amy

    Burnworth Motorsports ready for HDRA **video*

    GO J. B. !!!!!!
  3. Brian & Amy

    2011 DRIVE race schedule???

    DRIVE was less like an organization and more like a family. It's really depressing for me that it all turned out the way it did. If you ever raced a DRIVE event or were part of the Volunteer Team then you know what I'm talking about. DRIVE was the coolest grass roots phenomena in off road...
  4. Brian & Amy

    Volunteers make it happen!

    Congratulations to all the Volunteers that committed the time and energy to make the SNORE 250 a reality. I wasn’t there, but it is so awesome reading all the comments about you guys regarding the race. Everyone that loves off road racing wishes they could race. Not many people wish they...
  5. Brian & Amy

    It doesnt Snow in Baja

    That is so AWESOME! Thanks for sharing and posting those photos. -Brian & Amy
  6. Brian & Amy

    And now there is a DRIVE Jr.!!!!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Mr. & Mrs. DRIVE brought their little DRIVE Jr. into the world successfully!!!! I'm sure Doug will be letting everyone know, but since DRIVE is a family, and you are all part of it, I wanted to scream a big YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! and say...
  7. Brian & Amy

    POLL:::: Whats your favorite Offroad Energy Drink

    Water gives you energy. Perfectly valid choice, especially in light of the fact that it is not specifically identified just like "liquid Ice", "Gatorade", "Propel", etc...
  8. Brian & Amy

    POLL:::: Whats your favorite Offroad Energy Drink

    I would take water over any energy drink, but that doesn't really answer your question so I guess I would pick other... I am amazed that "Energy Drinks" have become so popular!?!? One would get the impression that before the energy drink craze the U.S. was a bunch of people struggling to stay...
  9. Brian & Amy

    Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Next year is going to be AWESOME! Can't wait for all the new challenges and adventures. -Brian & Amy
  10. Brian & Amy

    Vildosola racing Video @ Red Bull X Fighters Mexico City

    Celebrating that a Mexican just won the longest point to point race in the world, in his home country. That's pretty darn awesome. Viva Gus & Viva Vildosola Racing!!!! Think of how cool it would have been if when Andy won they were invited to Washington DC to do some burn-outs and wave...
  11. Brian & Amy

    The Mayhem RG alluded to at the driver's meeting

    Did you try contacting them through their personal website yet?
  12. Brian & Amy

    The Mayhem RG alluded to at the driver's meeting

    There is a place to donate to the Lamb family on the website you found: What an incredible family. -Brian & Amy
  13. Brian & Amy

    Map of baja

    Baja Almanac. It comes in 2 parts: Norte & Sur. It is the best map resource for Baja available to the public IMO. -Brian & Amy
  14. Brian & Amy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Terry, Amy and I made enough turkey soup to last through next year :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and were able to be home, surrounded with family & friends (instead of on the road like usual). -Brian & Amy
  15. Brian & Amy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Amy and I just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving. We are very thankful for all of the wonderful new friendships and incredible adventures that we've been blessed with through the past two years of DRIVE. I hope that this day finds all of the DRIVE family happy, healthy, and in the good...
  16. Brian & Amy

    DRIVE Volunteer Team: Dec 4th Stand Down...

    You ROCK Chuck :) Thank you for always being out there with Tim on the DRIVE front line. You guys are great! -Brian
  17. Brian & Amy

    DRIVE Volunteer Team: Dec 4th Stand Down...

    Thanks Dave! Sounds like you guys had a great time. That whole area around BoLA is really beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you guys out in Plaster City and hearing your stories from the 1K :) -Brian & Amy
  18. Brian & Amy

    Official 2010 Baja 1K thread

    ION Earth and IRC are dramatically different with respect to vehicle positions on the course. Strange.
  19. Brian & Amy

    DRIVE Volunteer Team: Dec 4th Stand Down...

    It's heartbreaking for everyone that puts the time, money, and energy into making each DRIVE race an awesome experience, Racers and Volunteers alike. Until more cars & trucks make the decision to commit to the DRIVE race schedule and actually register to race it's tough to justify going...
  20. Brian & Amy

    DRIVE Volunteer Team: Dec 4th Stand Down...

    I just wanted to thank each of you guys/gals for getting on board with the Dec 4th race. Unfortunately, there are just not enough racers planning on coming out to enjoy the desert with us, so the ORW Grand Prix had to be canceled. I feel horrible saying this and I hope that committing to...