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    Final Cut Video from Prairie City VORRA race

    We went up north to race last month for the final two rounds of the VORRA season. We ended up getting a second for both rounds in group T. Here is the video from the event.
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    DNF Racing welcomes its newest member!!!

    Lucas Daniel Vance was born yesterday 1/23/10 at 3:36 pm. He weighed in a 7 pounds and 13 ounces. He is 20 inches long. After over 24 hours of labor, he was caught and couldn't make his way out properly. The contractions and all the pushing were great enough to cause his heart rate to keep...
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    M4SX Round 6 at the PAS July 18th

    This saturday is round 6 of the M4SX series at the Perris Auto Speedway. The entry fee for dezert trucks is $125. We have been getting a few out to each round so far this season. We will be there again going for win #6 of the season. If you have wanted to take the truck out for something...
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    Round 4 of the M4SX Stadium series May 9th

    Who is making it out for this one? So far the competition has been great, and the facility is top of the scale! We will be there as we have been so far. The next race is May 9th. Be there!!
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    Round three of the SXS Stadium Series April 11th

    Who is heading out to race/spectate at the Perris Auto Speedway next saturday for round three of the SXS Stadium Series?
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    Team DNF Goes To School

    Dan Vance of DNF Racing went to Taft Elementary School in Riverside to visit with the students of the Advanced Readers program to talk about the importance of reading in relation to off road racing. The students of Taft Elementary School have a program setup that rewards them for the amount of...
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    Ridgecrest Race Recap

    The day for Team DNF was fairly uneventful . The only real problem we had was a health condition that I have been dealing with for years . I have had bad kidneys since I was a teenager , and they have been acting up again , so just making the race was questionable up until we actually left to...
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    Sand Addiction photo shoot

    Here are some pics from our photo shoot we did with Sand Addiction in Glamis ......
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    Glamis Thanksgiving Weekend

    I have been going to Glamis for over 30 years . I have missed very few of the big weekends . I have ( before this trip) never had a run in with the law enforcement out there . Yes I have been stopped and checked for alot of stuff , but never detained or cited for anything . I have always...
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    They must have wanted a trophy

    Well I stayed home from Glamis this weekend to get some stuff done on the race truck . I woke up this morning to get started , and when I got outside I see that some waste of life has stolen my hood . As I looked at the truck a few things ran threw my mind . First off is the hood is un useable...
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    ROR this weekend ......D DAY!!

    Who is making it out to D Day this weekend ?? They have a new track set up that is almost twice as long as the old track and more than twice as exciting for the spectators . It has a few flat out thrid gear sections and a bunch of new jumps and turns to make for an exciting race !! This is going...
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    Race entry fees

    I was reading a thread on one of the other sections of RDC , and something that was posted got me thinking . This was what was posted ............ " MDR has for a long time given the short end of the stick to many racers for many different reasons both racing related and otherwise. Fact is...
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    Driveshaft the show

    Just a reminder for those that missed it friday night , that driveshaft is going to be on again today at 4pm on FX . It is the one with the guys from The Baja Shop on it making chariots out of 4 door cars .
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    MDR 400

    Well after the race I wasn't really sure where we stood in the points . MDR has put up the current points standings and I am relieved . With the poor finishing positions of all the top three points holders it didn't change things much for us . We actually only lost one point in the standings ...
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    sad day at The PAS

    14 years ago I lost a friend named Jeff Bagley . He raced sprint cars at Ascot Speedway . He was killed in a crash at the track in 1989 . His parents Paul an Helen Bagley stayed true to the sport their family loved so much and became sponsors , and did fundraising for the SCRA . Tragically they...
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    I've had a Team Losi XX NT for a while now and I keep blowing up the transmission in it . It seems to run about a tank or two of gas and the trans is dust . Does anyone make any aftermarket parts for this thing ?? If I can't get it to run without killing the trans everytime then I will just sell it ...
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    I need a 1 inch die

    I need a one inch die for a desert tool bender . Everywhere I've went , they are out of them . I will pay to rent yours for a week , or I will buy it if you have one to sell . I need it ASAP as we are hanging the new glass on the race truck starting Sunday 3/23 so it will be ready for the 4/05...
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    After parting out so many Rangers and throwing those boat anchors (7.5 rear ends ) away , I am now in need of one . My daily driver 98 Ranger 4wd blew the rear end up today . The truck is up on the rack and the wreckers are nuts with their prices for a new-used one . It has a 4.10 ratio and I...
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    Baja Shops newest racer

    Congrats to AJ and Lisa from the Baja Shop on the birth of their first child . Their son " Race Rodriguez " . He was born yesterday at 3pm . I'm sure he'll be turning wrenches in the shop in no time . Dan Vance
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    Thanks for the help at the Kartek 400

    I just wanted to thank all the people that helped me out at the Kartek 400 . First off a big thank you to all guys at FAIR . You guys are the men !! The guys at pit B welded me up a pit made tie rod out of some scrap tubing that they had at the pit . After sitting in the desert for about four...