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  1. chicken lips the ocho

    Who lost their passport in baja?

    I came across a post in Facebook that a guy found a passport of a guy named Andrew Patrick Harris. Anybody know him?
  2. chicken lips the ocho

    What this sport really needs is more classes

    I'm ready to start racing, I been looking at all the classes but I just can't pick one from the 40 existing classes because I wanna go fast but I don't really wanna spend a lot of money. I want to win but I don't want to race against anybody that has more money than me. I'm in a real tuff...
  3. chicken lips the ocho

    Is JCR hinting at a Baja comeback?

    They signed Ricky Brabec and said they have a big announcement coming soon, can it be that they're coming back? What does this mean for THR and OX Motorsports?
  4. chicken lips the ocho

    Robby Gordon on NBC Sports right now

    just posting this to remind everybody that RG is on Tv right now prepping for the Dakar Rally
  5. chicken lips the ocho

    The passion of Baja

    This is why Baja is the best, post up a story about the locals helping you
  6. chicken lips the ocho

    Score tv?

    I thought the SCORE races were gonna be televise, so what's up?
  7. chicken lips the ocho

    What happen to this guy at the 500?

    Did he make it? Pretty cool of him to try something like this.
  8. chicken lips the ocho

    Francisco Arredondo

    I don't know if you guys caught this on tonights episode but I did, looks like we have another SCORE Baja racer in Dakar. He is not American or Mexican but from Guatemala and this year he raced the 250 and 500 in class 22(open pro bikes) and class 30(riders over 30 years old) at the 1000. Just...
  9. chicken lips the ocho

    Who you taking at the 500?

    Mike Brown - 2x A.J. Stewart - 3x Robby Bell - 4x Mark Samuels - 5x Colton Udall - 1x Kurt Caselli - 7x Francisco Arredondo - 8x Kendall Norman - 9x Andrew Scott - 10x Josh Frederick - 2a Brandon Brown - 3a Wayne Matlock - 1a Greg Row - 5a Rafael Torres F. - 6a Mike Cafro - 7a Christian...
  10. chicken lips the ocho

    Trophy Trucks are stupid.....

    Who cares about TT's and Class 1's when the San Felo entry list looks like this CLASS 22: 2X- Mike Brown 3X- Kurt Caselli 4X- Robby Bell 5X- Francisco Arredondo 6X- A.J. Stewart 7X- Kendall Norman 8X- Arik Swan 1X- Colton Udall Class 25 2A- Mike Cafro 3A- Craig Christy 4A-...
  11. chicken lips the ocho

    Baja just got more interesting

    Kendall Norman is no longer with JCR, so what is he gonna race now? KTM already have Kurt Caselli and Ivan Ramirez, battle of the energy drinks?
  12. chicken lips the ocho

    2011 Baja 1000 Cactus trailer

    sweet driving Randy yeah buddy!
  13. chicken lips the ocho

    RG's new toy
  14. chicken lips the ocho

    Baja 500 3A accident

    Just came across a video(im assuming) of Travis Dillon laying on the ground not moving, i haven't heard anything about him getting in a accident, anybody know if he is ok?
  15. chicken lips the ocho

    Mexican TT's at the 500

    According to the Mexican forums a local bought the ex Damen Jeffries TT and are racing the 500, anybody know who the team/owner is? also "El PIN" Juan C Lopez is racing in TT #18 with Cyde Stacey\m/\m/\m/ very cool to see him racing straight up against the big dogs and will the...
  16. chicken lips the ocho

    San Felipe 250 who to watch out for?

    so which are the top dogs in class 22 and 25? and who's teaming up with who? Kendall Norman??? on a Honda Kurt Caselli/Ivan Ramirez on a KTM Shane Esposito?? Honda? Colton Udall?? on a Honda is Steve Hengeveld, Mike Childress, Quinn Cody, Robby Bell, David Pearson, Ox racing? and...
  17. chicken lips the ocho

    Scam in BAP!!!

    Avoid the PIECE OF SHET black guy that hangs around the terribles gas station in primm, he has a silver expedition hes a scum bag
  18. chicken lips the ocho

    Brand new TT's for 2011

    seeing pab talking about having a field of 50 Trophy Trucks got me wondering whos having who build them a new TT? pictures would be sweet so theres 3 Trophy Trucks being built in the rdc shop section GMR updating the old monster jesse james monster garage TT for Rob Everhart Camburg KINETIK...
  19. chicken lips the ocho

    Tragedy strikes! everybody PLEASE stay in your lane

    i dont know the details but a class 40(bike) racer lost his life today pre-running he was on the highway and got on the opposite lane and was hit head on by a truck, he lost his life in the ambulance, this is all coming from the mexican forums