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  1. DVMchase

    Parker Results

    PLANETROBBY.COM says he got a 15 min penalty for communicating with the helicopter.
  2. DVMchase

    Team DNF Goes To School

    Right on Dan, thats really cool !!
  3. DVMchase


    Now he has 2 wins after last night at Irwindale.
  4. DVMchase

    Large turnout for Del Mar Tuff Trucks 2007

    wow Dan, truck looks great and the motor sound good too!! I see you still got those rear tires, hope they are still working good. Good luck Joe
  5. DVMchase

    Las Vegas

    If he doesnt have monster on the car i will be very suprised. All of the crew is wearing monster t-shirts and they sure are giving alot of it away. I have been helping myself out to a few that are in the cooler in front of their hauler. So i guess we will see. Joe
  6. DVMchase

    Las Vegas

    Hammer down: 52 cup teams and 44 busch teams have tested their already. At the end of Jan. and early Feb. nascar has there test session. It should be interesting with only a 13 gal. fuel cell they are only gonna get about 25-30 laps per tank. So alot of the race should be determined in the pits.
  7. DVMchase

    BITD announces "Official Tire" sponsor...

    Bajafand! I am not sure where you got your information but "Little Joe" is not fired from goodyear.His office is right next to mine. He will still work here just not be doing any offroad races. Yes it sucks that they are not supporting offroad racing anymore but we will just see what happens...
  8. DVMchase

    Kreger Fab Tb2

    Isn't that pic of Brendan Gaughan's class 1? His car is really nice, i saw it last week at his shop after he went testing. Man that bug is gonna be sweet.
  9. DVMchase

    Race Tires Sponsors - Contact Info Needed

    Correction Goodyears phone number is not 310/538-2914 we are not in Gardena, Ca anymore. We are in Las vegas our new number is 702/430-5160 but Little Joe is still in charge, or if your ever in town we are located at the speedway. When you get off the freeway just look for all the goodyear semi's.
  10. DVMchase

    DNF Racing Takes Overall At MDR Camburg 200!

    Well congrats Dan, fish and the entire DNF racing team, it was well desirved. Also it was good to see you back on GOODYEARS again, even though they are not from me. Well congrats again maybe we'll see you in primm. Joe
  11. DVMchase

    My New Boat

    How fast in MPH is 70 knots? Man thats a nice boat. so when do the herbst get one?
  12. DVMchase

    Las Vegas Area

    Hey John You know I am here to help. PM if you need any.
  13. DVMchase

    C&D truck at SEMA

    Hey John BFG had the unvealing of their new logo in the infield of the speedway. All the Baldwin's were their with all of their trucks. PCI scott was their too. They were giving rides at the motocross track and rolled it their.
  14. DVMchase

    Riverboat ride anyone?

    Yeah Jerry's total custom 54 foot Hallet is still their
  15. DVMchase

    This weekend

    Are those bedside from an F-150 stepside? They look good on the truck.
  16. DVMchase

    Baja 500 Contingency pics

    what kind of body is B.J. Baldwin runing? In the pic it looks really different? Isn't that Damen Jefferies old truck?
  17. DVMchase

    DNF Racing/Baja Update

    I hope he got some new tires cause those ones he has are like racing slicks. Well good luck Fish can't wait to hear the updates.
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    Re: Tire\'s,Tires,Tires Come on Fish their not that heavy!
  19. DVMchase

    Which Equal Length/Beam Kit???

    Newline is in Anaheim if you want info on them go to to see pics of the trucks Nestor has done or you can contact them at 714-774-5877
  20. DVMchase

    Gas prices soaring near you?

    $2.17 here in Vegas