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  1. call-911

    Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer is FANTASTIC!!!

    Check it out.... Aside from the HPI Mini Trophy Truck that has been discontinued, this is by far the most realistic mass produced R/C desert racing model to have ever been created in my opinion. It's 1/7th scale and MSRP is going to be around $750-$800. I may need to thin my R/C herd a bit...
  2. call-911

    HPI 5sc - What the 5t SHOULD have been

    This thing is awesome! When I had first heard about there being a 5t coming to market a couple of years ago, I was so excited and anxious to get one.... until I saw it. Blech... HPI has come out with another offering (Short Course based) in the 5sc that hits the nail on the head! Based on...
  3. call-911

    JConcepts Manta for Slash/Slash4x4, and SC10

    Looks pretty damn cool!!! This may even contend for the most realistic SC truck body yet.
  4. call-911

    Awesome looking scale crawler RTR - The Axial SCX10 TR

    This is how a crawler should be and RTR to boot! I think I may unload my old NIB Tamiya Pre-Runner to get this:
  5. call-911

    New SC10 Wheel (revised stock wheel)

    Just learned that they released revised wheels to prevent the drive pin issue.
  6. call-911

    Losi "Strike" Short Course Truck Looks to me they went the basher Slash route instead of the competition based SC10 route like I thought they would. It was probably in development far sooner than the release of the SC10 to even give track competition a...
  7. call-911

    Team Associated SC10

    Looking like the Associated boys are at it again but this time with a 10th scale short course truck. Maybe this time around they'll hit the mark making it electric. 4WD would be cool, but not necessary as long as the scale look of the SC8 is kept and the price is kept down to under a few...
  8. call-911

    Team Associated (SC8?) Stadium Truck

    There's A LOT of buzz currently going on all over R/C Land about what you see in this here ad... It was only a matter of time when there was talk on this forum about AE sponsoring Ricky Johnson that they would follow Traxxas' lead (maybe AE had the idea first, but Traxxas beat them to the...
  9. call-911

    Traxxas Slayer

    Slash + 4WD + Nitro = Slayer I'm partial to electric, but for those who were itching, here's your scratch...
  10. call-911

    Best Custom RC Prerunner I've ever seen

    This guy did an awesome job! Started out with a Tamiya Grasshopper too!
  11. call-911

    Traxxas Slash

    Ok, so who's in for a pre-order? Freakin' sweet!!!!
  12. call-911

    Seeking Mickey Thompson videos and/or MTEG track layout plans

    Hi everyone, I've been searching the web, ebay, etc... for anything that has to do with the MTEG races of the 80s and have come up with a big fat goose-egg. I'm looking for any races recorded (like the one listed a few threads down on YouTube) for my own personal enjoyment along with the...
  13. call-911

    Stewart, Harris, Mears Leadfoot Skins

    Here's a little gift to all the MTEG and old school off road fans who play Leadfoot. I've had them for a while, but lost steam creating any new ones so enjoy these! Ivan Stewart - Red, Orange, Yellow Post Coors Sponsorship Toyota Ivan Stewart - Black , White 90s Baja Toyota Roger Mears -...
  14. call-911

    Stadium Off-Road Racing Mod for rFactor!!

    I've been meaning to post the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Racing Championship skins I've made for Leadfoot, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I couldn't wait to post this for you guys though. There should be some guys here who are into sim racing who have also driven a Trophy Truck or Stadium...
  15. call-911

    Hi all! My name is Keith

    Greetings off-roaders! I'm not actively in off-road racing, but I've always been a fan of it since I was a kid. I do, however, race in the SCCA. I have a Formula Continental which I compete at a National level, but I still have a soft spot for off-road competition. I found this website...