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  1. WoodyW

    Someone need a Norra project?

    Anyone looking for a cool Norra car? Mel Tyree's water pumper powered Hi-Jumper that had a few wins back in the day just showed up on CList. When I worked at unique (way back when) it was in the back mothballed...must have gotten a little further down the road. Looks like much of it is still...
  2. WoodyW

    "Big Red" TT

    TT meaning "troop transport" of course! (AKA the "Bradley Short Bus") This baby is built with two things in domination of the Pete's Camp poker runs, and hauling as many pretty ladies as you can cram in the back at Havasu. The owner is deadly serious expense will...
  3. WoodyW

    My New Hideout

    I'm building a new Batcave. Gas prices are too I just moved the fab shop home! Finally making some headway, I can't wait to get in and shorten up my commute.
  4. WoodyW

    Best Weatherman quotes from B1K

    regarding needing another doctor to check out a possible concussion... "We need another doctor besides Bruce. Dr Bruce is an OB/GYN...he goes around spreading old wives tales"
  5. WoodyW


    Okay so here goes, I know that my posting life depends on this post right? Um, my name is Woody, I've been in the dirt as long as I can remember whether it was bikes or quads or trucks. I've been a "lurker" (as Tony B would say) for---ever. However I finally ditched my Hotmail account and am...