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  1. TrevorPiggott

    Race truck and trailer stolen in Barstow last night

    My brother's friend was in Barstow this week and apparently last night someone stole his race truck and trailer out of the parking lot of their hotel. Please keep a lookout. Thank you.
  2. TrevorPiggott

    Racers teaming up for the Baja 1000

    After seeing Jason Voss and Luke McMillin's announcement about teaming up for the 1000 I am curious as to who else in the next few months will be announcing combined efforts . Anyone know of or have any good guesses as to other teams coming together to try to win the 1000? Any idea who will try...
  3. TrevorPiggott

    Name is Trevor

    My name is Trevor. Got into desert racing from my brother who is into it. Found this site through him. I own a 1989 Ford Bronco which i plan to make into a decent prerunner. I go to community college and work at a pizza shop. Looking to learn about desert racing!