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  1. volks 73

    Anyone with an empty seat from San Diego to Ensenada Sat. 4/27 in the morning for NORRA

    My son/co-driver is flying into San Diego Saturday morning (flight arrives at 7:30 am), looking for an empty seat to get him to Ensenada He can Uber to a location closer to the freeway so it will be an easy off/on.
  2. volks 73

    1 Extra room in San Felipe

    We ended up with 1 extra room in San Felipe at the San Felipe resort and spa. If anybody needs it PM me.
  3. volks 73


    I haven't seen any info on tracking. Has anybody heard anything.
  4. volks 73

    On Topic Magnafluxing trailing arms for a beam car

    I get mixed results when I've asked about magnafluxing front trailing arms. Some have said do it others have said they crack from the inside out so it doesn't work. What are you beam guys doing?
  5. volks 73

    Vintage Cars Making the Ensenada NewsPaper

    A friend of a friend found this newspaper at a store in Ensenada at this years Baja 1000 .It has 2 picture of my car. One on the front page and one in the sports section. I'm sure the photo was pulled from their archives because the article is about this years 1000. It's pretty cool to have this...
  6. volks 73

    Power steering pully size

    My current set up is a 3 1/4 " v belt pulley on the crank. I have a 5" pulley on the TC type power steering pump. My engine will turn at max RPM 7200. I would like to change my crank pulley to a 5 inch. serpentine pulley, I will then replace the power steering pulley with a 6 1/2" . I...
  7. volks 73

    Donaldson air filter

    Has anyone tried these filters.I have seen a couple cars with them. Wondering how good they work.
  8. volks 73

    Chenowth rear arms w/ bus stub axles

    I'm replacing the wheel bearing and races, when I took it apart I noticed the outside had a groove that looked like a snap ring would go in. The inside looks exactly the same, but it had a snap ring in the groove.The groove is about 1/16 behind the bearing race, the bearing can be removed with...
  9. volks 73

    A - Arm ?

    What is this called and how well does this type of front end work on a pre runner . This is an example of front suspension on a car i'm interested in has. The front end on the car I'm looking at is more heavy duty than this . Seems more like a sand rail front end. Any input will be appreciated.
  10. volks 73

    Timing /Scoring/Gps

    Is there a way these classes can be recorded and posted on this site,for those of us that will not be in town in time to take advantage of them. Need all the help we can get . Thanks
  11. volks 73

    Survival Supplies

    What does NORRA want to see? This is what we have so far 1 qt. water for each person, Fire starter,space blankets, granola bars, flash light.
  12. volks 73

    Toe Inn

    How much toe inn on a beam front end . Class 12 car
  13. volks 73

    Encosed trailer or open trailer

    Pros and cons of towing a 20 foot enclosed trailer vs a 18 foot open trailer. I have the option to take either one for the NORRA 1000 this year. More security w/the enclosed , a little less on the road w/the open. What are you ,or have you towed to Cabo. Thanks
  14. volks 73

    What spare parts?

    The Norra 1000 will be our 1st. race. This is the start of our parts list. Tires 3 front 4 rear , 1 alternator ,1 starter , axles w/cv's, belts , filters , fluids, extra nuts and bolts, hoses , master cylinder , throttle cable. Im sure the list will grow. What does your list look like?
  15. volks 73

    GPS/Road book ?

    How many of you are doing the NORRA 1000 without a GPS? Just using the road book.
  16. volks 73

    Chenowth Rebuild

    A buddy of mine and I picked up an older Chenowth a few weeks ago. We are planning on running it in the 2014 NORRA. Our plan is to go through the car and rebuild or replace worn or broken parts. Our first hurdle is the rear brakes they are CARR brand, it seems they are out of business. If...
  17. volks 73

    im jay

    Love the desert,and racing have been reading,this sight for years.I have some questions.thinking of a new project.