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  1. Advantage West

    Iconic Off Road Stumbling Grounds

    The Parker road hump / jump coming into Midway. Everyone's seen Letner's video of him flying there. We come down the straight away wide open at 113 and never lift. We did the whole nose high, truck starts flying sideways in the air and then we land it. Cleared the whole step and landed down the...
  2. Advantage West

    Calling BITD, and Legacy and SNORE, 6800 rules

    Can't tell you how many times at The Mint I've been buried in UTV guys that wouldn't get out of the way either. Your only as fast as the class in front of you allows you to be at that time, in the blue light world on the first lap. Jeepspeed in general keeps the nerfing under control. In 4700 we...
  3. Advantage West

    #4733 Wolfpack Racing BWDC Race Report

    Great racing guys. You guys have really found some speed this season. Just have to correct you though. We came in physically right behind Allred and took the Win for Day 2 by almost a minute. Dig the footage and race report.
  4. Advantage West

    ATTENTION ProTruck owners, wanna race the Baja 1000?

    Score has a 4700 class. We ran 4700 in last years San Felipe 350, I mean 250. They need to push 4700 starting order up further, like BITD is now. I keep trying to tell the wife I'll meet her in Cabo for the 1000, the date of our 25th Anniversary, it's not working though.
  5. Advantage West

    ATTENTION ProTruck owners, wanna race the Baja 1000?

    Great times in Jeepspeed 4700 right now. Great people, close competition, and drivers that love to dice it out. Hoping to see 7 trucks at Silver State. Bring them out, lets race.
  6. Advantage West

    New UTV class rules needed in offroad racing?

    ItsYourLegacy, GO AWAY. You obviously don't race or have any sense of what it takes to race and win. You are the common sense problem of the world today. Somebody wrap this guy in bubble wrap for safety. I saw a Youtube video. A tow truck driver flipped a car back over onto its wheels after a...
  7. Advantage West

    2019 fall Leduc Swap Meet

    It doesn't rain in Indio.
  8. Advantage West

    Latch vs Cam restraints

    "The mounts are usually in the wrong spot or the adjusters are hard to get to, so ratchets cover those mistakes" UPR. The mounts being wrong is the problem MOST of the time. We bought an Ivan Stewart Protruck a few months back. I would not even drive around the block with the way the mounts were...
  9. Advantage West

    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    Rory, what are you guys doing with the Protruck.
  10. Advantage West

    Mint 400 registration !! Interesting

    Yeah - we run The Mint 250, but its a good deal for The Big Show.
  11. Advantage West

    Pro Truck and Jeepspeed

    General Tire and KMC put in towards entry discounts for the year. They are the reason the entry is only $850 per race. You do not get General Tire / KMC payout contingency money. Only KMC Wheels. 123" max correct.
  12. Advantage West

    Pro Truck and Jeepspeed

    51rcr, those are last years rules for 4700. The class never took off. 18" front travel. Forced induction only on a 6 cylinder engine. Payout is normally $1000 per race for each class winner in Jeepspeed. All contingency programs valid also.
  13. Advantage West

    Pro Truck and Jeepspeed

    The Wrangler earned its right to be left alone, for now the 3749 retires to prerunner. We got a Protruck which will be the 4747. Jeepspeed worked with us and a few others to fit them into 4700. Since 4700 never took off, these seem like a good fit for an almost unlimited Jeepspeed class. Should...
  14. Advantage West

    Pro Truck and Jeepspeed

    Bunch Racing 4747 is in for the 2019 season. Rory, tell Cody to put some General's with KMC's and come play. I just spoke with Bean at Kartek yesterday, he said there's a Protruck out of Colorado being prepped for Parker. Instead of running Sportsman, you guys come race Jeepspeed with us. Lets...
  15. Advantage West

    2018 Baja 500 Class 3 and Class 3700 Merge?

    I had just scanned the class 3 rules and the only thing, I believe, is the non matching motor. Jeep - GM LS I am not familiar with Class 3 at all though and would appreciate any enlightenment between the 2.
  16. Advantage West

    2018 Baja 500 Class 3 and Class 3700 Merge?

    This is a call to any Class 3 racers that ACTUALLY are racing the 2018 Baja 500. I currently race Class 3700 Jeepspeed. I am going to race the 500 in our Jeep and will have no other entries that will be in 3700. I would like to merge Class 3 and 3700 for this race. We would be willing to opt out...
  17. Advantage West

    Laughlin Desert Classic Photos 2017

    Did you happen to get any of the 3749 Bunch Jeep. Thank you much.
  18. Advantage West

    Mint 400 @@ PICTURES @@ from mile 35.7

    Any pictures of 3749. Thank you
  19. Advantage West

    First truck race in desert in a truck....advice needed

    When you get caught, make sure your co rider gives a healthy wave to let the driver behind know that you see them and that your working on getting out of the way. If you cannot find a spot quickly, make sure to give another wave, so they know your not rabbiting but trying to find an opening to...
  20. Advantage West

    My 2017 Parker 425 Pics (MM) 134

    Got any of 3749 Bunch Jeep? Had what felt like a good pass on the orange Dodge right there.