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  1. Harley_Young

    Race in Peace Gary Creveling

    Very sad to hear........ Thoughts and Prayers! Love the Creveling clan, great memories competing against Matt and his Dad. We are praying for you guys during this time!
  2. Harley_Young

    $4,000 bonus for class 9 at King shocks Battle at Primm

    Ricky Johnson and I are trying to make it with his bad ass car. Gonna be a rocket!! Cant wait to wheel a 9er again!
  3. Harley_Young

    What are class nine top speeds on a dry lake bed?

    With the Joel Mohr special, I did 87 at BAP.
  4. Harley_Young

    The other “the list”

    Rick D Johnson #71 TT (4 wins) Vegas 2 Reno (2) First vehicle to win it overall "back to back". Baja 500 (1) Terribles Town 250 (1)
  5. Harley_Young

    M.O.R.E class 9 BONUS!

    (15) $500 McKENZIE'S Bonus $1000 DRYKEF Inc. Winner Take All Bonus 937 William Markley 963 Richard Sletten 999 Brandon Meehan 926 Don Wood 976 Tom Piggott 990 Matt Creveling 957 Joe Eichelberger 956 Noah Johnson 911 Brandon Heald 927 Michael Case 6th R/S...
  6. Harley_Young

    M.O.R.E class 9 BONUS!

    Excited to announce we will be sponsoring the @mojaveoffroad races for the rest of the year. We will pick the classes we want to see the money go to.. Classes with car count and excitement. So the @transaxleengineering race we will be putting up $1,000.00 in a winner take all for class 9. Get...
  7. Harley_Young

    Doug Maxwell RIP

    Godspeed. Prayers to the Maxwell family.
  8. Harley_Young

    2018 MORE Duel in the Desert PICS / Videos

    Anyone happen to come across a PRO EAGLE jack around mile 8.75 at the top of the ridge line. I had to get rid of it as it was bouncing around on top of my motor. 760-887-1202 Thanks
  9. Harley_Young

    Tire pressure??

    18 front, 22 rear!
  10. Harley_Young

    Single Port or Dual Port

    Dual Port! Joel Mohr is the guy to talk to!
  11. Harley_Young

    Where's the hype????

    Getting back into my old 9 car this weekend to do the last half of the race in the old 959 which is now 967 that belongs to Mike Dyer. So I logged on to see what's going on in the world of class 9 and......... NOTHING! Big car count, lots of money and no hype? No odds? Am I in the right...
  12. Harley_Young

    New class 9 build

    Looks great Mike!
  13. Harley_Young

    Inner Tubes

    We went through Pete's Road Service and used the tractor tubes also.
  14. Harley_Young

    Caliente Roll Call

    Michael Golts and myself are throwing the idea around on racing his car up there. Maybe we will see you swingers again! Also, we won't be debuting the new car in May at the Lucerne race, So if you need some one to wheel your car around let me know! Id be more than happy just to be on the side...
  15. Harley_Young

    Snore/More Ridgecrest 300

    1st Nate, 2nd Matt Depue, 3rd Sizelove....
  16. Harley_Young

    Class History

    WINS 2 PODIUMS 8 TOP 5 (I have no idea) At-least 8 lol Gonna look into it. More wins to come in the 923 car!
  17. Harley_Young

    2016 plans and rumors!

    As far as me, the new car should be done in the next month or so. Lots of testing, maybe a few races throughout the year! Can wait to get back out racing again!
  18. Harley_Young

    2016 plans and rumors!

    MORE is gonna be the series to race! Cody and the MORE crew are finding ways to make these courses faster and faster! Going to be a cool year for the class!
  19. Harley_Young

    Duel in the Desert

    Its not bad to the right like cody says. I did it in my car and Brian Caudills car!
  20. Harley_Young

    Kingman Odds??

    Going to be a tough race to win with no car! lol The new owner should be out next year! My new car should be done by the end of the year. if anyone needs help just let me know! Good Luck to all you swingers!!