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  1. Harley_Young

    M.O.R.E class 9 BONUS!

    Excited to announce we will be sponsoring the @mojaveoffroad races for the rest of the year. We will pick the classes we want to see the money go to.. Classes with car count and excitement. So the @transaxleengineering race we will be putting up $1,000.00 in a winner take all for class 9. Get...
  2. Harley_Young

    Where's the hype????

    Getting back into my old 9 car this weekend to do the last half of the race in the old 959 which is now 967 that belongs to Mike Dyer. So I logged on to see what's going on in the world of class 9 and......... NOTHING! Big car count, lots of money and no hype? No odds? Am I in the right...
  3. Harley_Young

    Class 9 Aluminum Center Drums

    I am in need of aluminum centers for class 9, need them ASAP!!! Wondering if any of the old 16 guys have any laying around, or know anyone that does! Needing them for my car and couple other cars, so please let me know what you have! Sorry to bother the thread but seems like its the only way to...
  4. Harley_Young

    Parts For Sale!!!

    Mohr performance dual port: $2,500 Races won on this motor! Mohr performance trans(mid plate mount): $1,800 FRESH!!! 4:12 RP Fox Shocks : Internal bypass rears: $1,000 Fronts: $300 Rack: $200 Torsion bars : 27mm: $75 25mm: $100 Arms with Silcock design/M&T Built stops: $150 per...
  5. Harley_Young

    MORE 2015

    Who plans on making the title run? I will be driving the M&T Built, 923 car with Brian Caudill and Matt Pino at a few races,:D hope to see you guys out there. Thank You, Brian, Matt and Team 923 for the opportunity! Going to be an awesome series with great NEW courses!!!
  6. Harley_Young

    Primm Roll Call

    Who's in, Who's out? If I still have my car I will try and make it. My Fiance and I are expecting our little boy around that time too.. Gonna play it by year.
  7. Harley_Young

    For Sale.. Call For Info... Harley - 760-887-1202
  8. Harley_Young

    Thing Drums

    In search of thing drums. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  9. Harley_Young

    Freedom 250

    5 on list.... Who else is coming? Don wood- 926 Dan wood- 929 Matt Creveling- 990 Jared Sluder- 903 Harley Young- 959 60 mile loop, On a lot of fun sections! Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  10. Harley_Young

    Moving Up

    Well, thought I would knockdown some rumors.... Everything I have will be up for sale at the end of the year as I make my way into 1600.. I have a brand new single seat 16 chassis and will hopefully debut it at RATR. The 959 car will be prepped and ready to win some more races! The car will...
  11. Harley_Young

    2014 team plans

    Where are you guys racing next year?
  12. Harley_Young

    RATR- In or Out

    Who's racing!! Let's get 20 cars! Make one more big race out of the year.. So let's hear it, you in or out??
  13. Harley_Young

    Qualifying at RAGE..

    I Know its far out, but its my next one.. Can we get enough car's to qualify at RAGE? It's the PRO-9 final round... So who plans on going. Maybe if we get 15-20 car, SNORE will let us do it? What do you guys think?\m/
  14. Harley_Young

    2014 Big 9 Race!

    Ideas?? Parker 425? Vegas to Reno? The lucerne 500? Rage at the River? Just to name a few..... What do you guys think?! I like the Parker 425 Idea!
  15. Harley_Young

    4 lug

    Have some old four lug parts for sale,, complete rear backing plates, 2 front drums, 2 rear drums.. probably 4 front wheels and 4 or 5 rears.. 1 rear comes with tire and tube(superdigger)little tread... come get em.. pm for details..
  16. Harley_Young

    RATR Clip
  17. Harley_Young

    RATR Starting Order

    1 #920 Kurt Davidson, Jr. 2 #992 Giti Gowland 3 #905 Forest Creasy 4 #959 Harley Young 5 #988 Paul Robinson 6 #919 Brandon Holly 7 #968 Michael Goltz 8 #928 Kyle Vizzo 9 #923 Brian Caudill Lets hear those odds!!! Should be a good time.! \m/\m/
  18. Harley_Young

    First Win

    Last weekend in Primm Nv at the SNORE 250 I drove my new 959, M&T race car to my first win! 3rd race in the car and it improves everytime. The course was fast and soaked in water. Ive never seen so much mud in my life! The first day was a lot of fun being out front all morning with absolutely no...
  19. Harley_Young

    Exa 94.5 fm snore 250

    Where is everyone at? Only 5 cars signed up with only 10 days until the race! :mad: #919 Brandon Holly \m/ #959 Harley Young \m/ #969 Steve Vega \m/ #988 Paul Robinson \m/ #992 Giti Gowland \m/
  20. Harley_Young

    Freedom 250

    Only 7 cars so far... 938 Derek Dixon 990 Matt Creveling 903 Jared Sluder 924 Mike Brown 959 Harley Young 916 Brandon Heald 992 Giti Gowland Who else plans on making it?