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  1. David_Girdner

    wheels for a 1600 car?

    We run 15" BTR with M/T on the front of our 1600. We've ran 16" wheels in the past and really liked the way the car handled. We went away from the 16" because the larger tires caused the front end components to wear faster or just fail. Really like the BTR wheels and they are much cheaper...
  2. David_Girdner

    weatherman feed

    Instructions/links for downgrading to Flash 9 for IE ONLY Here's the steps I took to fix the problem for Internet Explorer on an Windows XP machine. 1. Go to and download uninstall_flash_player.exe Don't run the file, just...
  3. David_Girdner

    No 4th Gear

    Check your shift linkage too, perhaps something in the chassis flexed and is preventing engaging 4th all the way
  4. David_Girdner

    vw transmission builders/pricing in CA ?

    Rebuild cost will vary depending on what needs to be replaced... Typically labor is a set price then the cost of parts. Ditto on the Transaxle Engineering recommendation. Jeff, Brad, and Johnny do great work! WR Race Trans is in Monrovia, Lorenzo Rodriguez is a fellow racer and does...
  5. David_Girdner

    Night Driving Do's and Do Nots

    Like you mentioned, the shadows help you read the terrain. I'd recommend running a couple of halogen lights down low for use when driving in dust. HIDs are great when the visibility is good but in dust they just cause a lot of glare like hi-beams when it's foggy except a lot worse.
  6. David_Girdner

    Powder Puff 2008????

    I agree 100% Kevin. Ridgecrest is a great place to race but historically has been less popular with racers and draws fewer cars in both series as it's more logistically cumbersome (tech/hotels/gas 20+ miles from the course) than Barstow or Lucerne. MORE with a ton of help from volunteers...
  7. David_Girdner

    Freedom 250?

    1022 - Steve McMullin and Tom Craig took the overall
  8. David_Girdner

    Please Help a Nooby!

    Make sure you pay close attention to the front end - especially steering boxes/mounts and spindles. 33" tires, and it looks like this car has 33" Yokohamas all the way around, are very hard on front end parts (heavier/more leverage).
  9. David_Girdner

    Driver questions

    I always try to drive on the crown/side to stay out of the ruts. In a limited travel/suspension car you will have clearance issues that can't be solved by stiffening the suspension or "adding bar". Blipping the throttle in an air-cooled VW car in the middle of a long wide open run is a very...
  10. David_Girdner

    What's Next for 1/2-1600's???

    SNORE created the Champ class for the outdated 1600 cars, they get around 5 entries per race. Here are their rules for that class I don't want to see any more rule changes to the class! And if there are changes they should be initiated by the...
  11. David_Girdner


    HS kids building a 5/1600 car
  12. David_Girdner

    1/2 1600 Suspension Setup

    There are a lot of folks running Fox shocks with bypass sleeves - just because you don't see a tube on the outside doesn't mean it isn't a bypass shock. MacCachren and Burgess use this type of setup. These are not externally adjustable - basically there are small holes drilled in the can and...
  13. David_Girdner

    1600 question

    Don't forget about $2-3k for the raw materials - chromoly, sheet metal for the body and belly pan, and aluminum for skid plates. And $700-1000 for a fuel cell. We have spent about $25k on two different (2001 and 2006) occacsion to build our own cars from the ground up and have always been very...
  14. David_Girdner

    1600 wheels

    Don't have a measurement but the ones on the BTR wheels were about the same height as the ones on a 15x6 Centerline. Just about everyone (buggy classes) runs tubes
  15. David_Girdner

    1600 wheels

    We're running the 33x9 Baja Pros on the 15x4 BTR wheels. I've never personally used 33" tires on the front of a 1600 car but have heard from others that they drastically increase wear/breakage on your front end components.
  16. David_Girdner

    1/1600 R & P

    Here's some good info on the differences between the various types and years of bus boxes - should have pulled up this site before posting... I'm fairly sure that the 5.38 is the...
  17. David_Girdner

    1/1600 R & P

    Do you have a 002 or 091 box? Stock R&P in a 002 is a 4.86 and 091 is 4.56. Where are you going to be racing? We primarily race MORE and SNORE and have a 091 (4.56 R&P) and a 1.50 4th gear running 33s. My buddy that races Baja uses a 4.56 with a 1.44 4th gear with 33s.
  18. David_Girdner

    dual port heads??

    Single 30 Pict 1 carb allow for either single and dual ports. You will have to get an adapter to make this carb fit the dual port intake. 2-1600 cars are required to run a 24 mm plate. From SCORE's website CLASSES ½-1600, 5-1600, AND CLASS 11 UNDER CR23: Heads Heads may be U.S...
  19. David_Girdner

    2-1600 wheels?? 15"v16"

    We've run a bunch of different combinations of 15/16 inch wheels over the past couple years on our 1600 cars. If want to run BFGs, you'll want to go with the 16" wheels as BFG doesn't offer a good 15" tire option for a 1600. The reason I heard that Rob Mac started running the 16" wheels in the...
  20. David_Girdner

    Need shock tuning advice for 1600

    It does seem to be rebounding too fast and kicking. We're running the same shocks (single seat 1600 with 23mm bars) and sent them back after the first race to be revalved because we had to close off both rebound tubes to get it to where we were happy with it. Another thing to try is to open the...