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    Mirage Motorsports Barstow

    Thanks to Mirage Motorsports Barstow for the prep work on my Class 8. The work was great, on time and ON BUDGET. No BS extra charges Thanks guys
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    Tom Haliburton a True racer

    Pepe Rodriguez posted this on Facebook to the Weatherman Tom Haliburton is an old school racer, who has the heart of a lion who always raced on a budget If you have a story about Tom please post it Pepe Rodriguez Off RoadBob Steinberger Bob i thank you for all your help this...
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    604, Josh, please tell your story from the 500

    Josh had a huge lead at check 3 and at RM 322 he wound up hanging on a cliff. Please tell us the whole story
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    Be a Match @ the Score Tecate 500

    Help Jeremy save his wife Kim
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    Congrats To Mike Julson & Jimco

    Congrats to Mike and the Jimco Family for their results @ Vegas to Reno. 1st Trophy Truck, 1st Open and 5 of the top 10. Great job!
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    When Old School Meets Old School

    I recently traded for the Old Dave Shoppe built McMillian Class 8 and who better to shake it down than Stan Gilbert. Stan had not been in a race truck since 1989. He has not lost a bit of skills. It was a pleasure & honor to have Stan drive the truck. Thanks Stan
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    SNORE Laughlin Rage at the River Props

    Props to the following Drivers/Cars for an xlint job @ Laughlin Danzio, Sundays race he was on it,plus extra props for the victory donuts Brian Freman in a new class 12 car Corey Boyer & Fernie Rob "Superman" Mac Adam Ashcraft Wiks Thanks for providing the show
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    Doc Glass Class 8 Champion

    Doc Glass wins five in a row & the Class 8000 BITD 2009 Championship
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    Congrats to Norm Turley on his 7S win

    Congrats to Norm Turley on his 7S win @ Primm. Norm w/ Loco drove solo in his Baja Shop built Ford Ranger Great Job guys
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    3 In A Row For Doc Glass in Class 8

    Great Job Doc & crew. Parker, Pimm & Vegas 2 Reno
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    Dr. Glass wins 2 in a row in a Le Duc Class 8

    Congrats to the 8025 team from Kingman Az. in a Le Duc built class 8.
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    Congrats Chris Taylor 717

    Congrats Chris Taylor & 717 team, not only for your xlint win in class 7, but your sportsmanship Friday helping the 719 Baja Shop truck w/ our engine swap:D
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    Hello my name is Paul

    Greetings, my name is Paul. I have been involved w/ off-road for over 30 years. My most recent highlight is winning class 7 @ San Felipe w/ A.J. Rodriguez