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  1. Tim

    Four Peaks Pickup. February 6th 2010

    It's that time of year again! With the economy we need everyones help spreading the word to get as many volunteers out there as possible. Feel free to repost this flyer.
  2. Tim

    Lowrance Discontinues Baja series?

    I'm doing a some searching and noticed that the Lowrance site as well as many of their retailers show the baja series 480c, 540c and any others as discontinued. Anyone know anything about this? Does this mean we'll all be slowly switching to another brand of GPS for prerunners and race cars...
  3. Tim

    Four Peaks Pickup... February 7th, 2009

    Its about that time again. Last year we had nearly 300 people clean up 7 tons of trash. This year we are headed out on February 7th, 2009 to do it again. From 9AM-3PM. For more info check out:
  4. Tim

    Stolen Adventure Trailer

    Posting this for a friend: ADVENTURE TRAILERS RENTAL TRAILER STOLEN On May 1st we rented an Olive Grey Chaser Trailer with Eezi Awn tent for an eight day rental out of our Upland California location. The trailer has not been returned. The trailer is identical to the one posted here...
  5. Tim

    Catalina Grand Prix

    YouTube - Catalina Grand Prix Motorcycle Races I recognize a lot of sections of the trail. I wish I could have raced it...
  6. Tim

    Icon Vehicle Dynamics

    I'm sure I'm not the first one to notice this, but I searched and didn't see any mention. It looks like Icon Vehicle Dynamics has come out of what was Donahoe Racing. Just go to Glad to see it. Good job guys. I'm glad you survived the trying times. Looks like a cool...
  7. Tim

    Four Peaks Pickup, AZ. Feb 9th 2008

    Hey RDC Family!! I headed up to Four Peaks near Phoenix on Sunday looking for snow. There wasn't any snow just some slush and lots of fog. That was fine, but the amount of trash at this beautiful place was amazing. I've decided to go out and pick up as much as I can. I would love all the...
  8. Tim

    Racer Offroad, Phoenix AZ??

    Well, I look in the new issue of DS and there is an add for a new Kartek like place, but in Phoenix. Thank GOD! It looks like its part Fodrill and part Tim Gendreau, the fellow who is racing walkers/ donahoes old Dodge. Good for him, good to have someone in phoenix selling what we need! Maybe...
  9. Tim

    Cooper Tires???

    Okay, so I have always had BFG's. For my daily driver I wanted to get some 255/85 tires. BFG all terrains dont come in that size, only mud terrains. SO, I want to know about the quality of cooper tires. They make an all terrain that looks like the bfg's, but I wanted to hear some exampls of...
  10. Tim

    AZ Dirt Bike forums?

    Any az bike people hang out on For my dirt biking side it seems pretty cool, but I dont know too many people on there!
  11. Tim

    THANK YOU: PRO Desert Racing!!!!

    I just got back from the Desert Rat 250 down in Rocky Point MX and I had a blast! It was an amazingly well put together race regardless, but for their first ever I am really impressed. We received $300 to use at Desert Rat and UPRacing for contingency. That seemed really generous to me...
  12. Tim

    Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ. Dezert People 4 RELEASE PARTY!!

    I thought it would be fun if all of the AZ racers, chasers and spectators got together and had some beers before the DP4 premier at one of the local bars to get to know each other. Anyone interested? Any racers want to bring their race cars or prerunners to show off in the parking lot?!?
  13. Tim

    Long time RDCer in a new town...kinda Scottsdale, Arizona!

    I've been on RDC since it was red streaming text and the classifieds were a pissing match. That would be 99 I think. I was in Ca. then and after that in Tucson at school (uofa). I've been in Phoenix for over a year now, but almost all of the racers I know are in Tucson or in Ca (I used to work...
  14. Tim

    How important is the load rating of a tire?

    I was curious. If you go from 15's to 16's most tires, go up in load rating from c to d. I've heard that from letter to letter there are significant differences. Does a load rating d bfg a/t have any more plies or stiffness offroad. Reason I'm asking is because a 15" rim has more sidewall and...
  15. Tim

    Stickers, Where do you get them made?

    I was wondering where most of you get your stickers made. I'm looking for die-cut or the normal kind. I dont need a ton made, say 50. I have a graphic made that I can email, but I wanted to see who and how from some other people that have gotten them before.
  16. Tim

    Sponsorship Proposal ,I need HELP!!

    We are a small team that is always looking for a couple of sponsors. Our biggest race each year is the Baja 500. A couple of companies/ friends have expressed interest, but said that they need a proposal to justify it and give it any chance of sponsorship. Can some of the experienced people...
  17. Tim

    SNORE Gold Coast 250 Oct 2nd!!

    So who's going. There is going to be a ton of 1600 cars there, trying to win all that prize money and unseat Mac, but I'm going for a respectable finish. Any TT's making it, I've heard the "Bladwins" are going
  18. Tim

    Rob MacCachren email address

    Sorry, I hate making a whole post for this, but I didn't know whom to ask. I'm just looking for an email address or something.
  19. Tim

    Donahoe Racing Tacoma/Tundra Coilovers

    Donahoe Racing is happy to announce its first run of completely Donahoe designed, engineered and machined coilovers. The first run of Tacoma/Tundra coilovers is already being shipped. We know its been a long wait and we hope that you will feel it was well worth it!! Keep an eye out for our new...
  20. Tim

    Donahoe Racing 97-03 4x4 6" suspesnsion system

    Donahoe Racing 97-03 4x4 6\" suspesnsion system Want the clean look of 2wd trucks with the benefit of 4wd while not having to drop down the torsion bar cross-member. The Donahoe Racing 6" suspension system uses a third a-arm in the position of the stock arm to transfer the torque of the...