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    Torchmate Racing 2013 Team Search

    Torchmate Racing has long supported grassroots motorsports efforts on the track, and in the shop. For 2013 they want to hear from the industry. Individuals, teams, fabricators, shops, events, athletes, and artists are encouraged to show Torchmate what you have to offer the team. During the month...
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    Do you live in California's 49th district?

    You can help save Johnson Valley. I had a great meeting with Congressman Issa's staff today concerning the 29 Palms base expansion, and they need additional feedback from his constituents in the OHV community...
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    I Challenge you!

    Take a few minutes and watch this video, than do your part to save Johnson Valley. This is the largest OHV open area in the USA. We lose this, and perhaps we lose desert racing in California. More people in less space is never a good thing. We can win this effort with your help. The desert...
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    You can save Johnson Valley.

    National OHV Lobby Days - March 14th-15th The most powerful voice comes from you. Join your fellow OHV enthusiasts from across the country, and call for a meeting with your local congressmen to educate him or her on the 29 Palms Marine Base expansions and why we need to save this unique OHV...
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    Will you spend 30 seconds to help save Johnson Valley?

    The California Motorized Recreation Council (an umbrella association made up of the 10 largest OHV groups in California) Is collecting data for an economic impact report based on 2011 use of the OHV area. The link below takes you to a quick survey that will help us create the EIR. 29 palms...
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    Contact info for every Off-road racing sanction?

    Is there a one stop shop that lists every Off-Road racing sanction in the western states, and the contact person? Score and BITD are pretty easy, but with changes at SNORE, the new HDRA, and smaller promoters coming and going I was wondering if there was a "List" like the Trophy truck list...
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    BLM SRP subgroup report.

    This is my opinion of the SRP meeting yesterday, I am sure Wayne will chime in as well. It was well attended. IMHO it was a huge win for OHV events. While things will never be the same as they where before the Ca200, the pendulum is starting to swing back toward the center. Jeff Knoll 1st...
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    Easy to use, Save Johnson Valley Letter generator Please help us save the Johnson valley OHV area. The largest OHV open area in the country is facing threat of closure due the expansion of the 29 Palms Marine base. Your letters are needed to help hold the line and continue the freedom that Johnson Valley...
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    29 palms expasion letter writing seminar information.

    May 3rd 2011 Johnson Valley/ 29 Palms Marine base expansion Comments Workshop. It will be held at the Travelodge Inn & Suites, in Yucca Valley. It's a central location and has an appropriately sized meeting room, as well as rooms for participants who want to come in the night before...
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    Go inside Roger Norman Racing

    Roger has a pretty cool web cam that has been set up at his shop during prep, you can watch his Race program from the inside as they head to the Mint. At the San Felipe 250 they had it set up in his Mobil Command Center. I assume he will have something set up at the Mint as well...
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    Hypothetical Bill Savage replacement discussion

    Seems there are no shortage of people who are less than satisfied with the way SCORE does tech inspections and rule changes. Hypothetically speaking, how would you change the process if it was your choice to make? Who would you suggest as the chief technical inspector? Would you keep pre...
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    Who owns the Name HDRA Currently?

    Not sure if this would be the right place to post this but I was reading through 1000 miles to glory some time ago and wondered what happened to the ownership of the Name "High Desert Racing Association" or HDRA? The new Vintage forum reminded me to ask.
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    Off-road Ambassadors idea

    We are knee deep in our final Logistics plans for KOH this year. Double checking every detail. over the weekend we identified a potential way to improve the spectator areas of KOH that I think could be a universal tool for all forms of off-road racing. Below is the details. Discuss, Improve ...
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    5th running of the Griffin King of the Hammers.

    Not sure if you guys are interested in what the rock Donkies are up to but we had the drawing party last night at the Compton 4 wheel parts store. 150 teams in all will participate in this yeats Griffin King of the Hammers from 8 different countries, and most of the States represented. Event...
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    BLM SRP Process public comment open until Jan 14th.

    I posted in a couple of the different race discussions but I thought maybe it would be better to just start its own thread. The BLM has opened the SRP Process to Public comment and it will close on Jan 14th. The Desert Advisory Commitee.(DAC) has been tasked with reporting to the BLM on the...
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    Summer Ultra4 Newletter (KOH) Anyone interested in Unlimited 4 wheel drive racing? Scroll down on the main page to the news section and download the PDF for the Summer 2010 Ultra4 newsletter. the 12 page newsletter has the Ultra4 points standings for the Grand Slam of...
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    Need a phone number for ARTS, all race tech service. Anyone have a contact number? Lost the pen they gave me at a MORE race.:D Thanks Jeff Knoll
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    King of the Hammers 2010

    Just wanted to pass along some of the News regarding the 2010 King of the hammers race. Race date is Feb 12th 2010. yes that is a Friday. The event will start Feb 7th the day after the BITD Parker 425 and end the following Sat Feb 13th. LCQ (last chance Qualifier)...
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    With V2R the long way less then a month away, we are starting to look at logistics regarding food, and drinks for a small army over the course of a week. In doing so the topic of hydration came up. When its a day of racing I don't get too concerned, we just make sure everyone is drinking water...
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    Fire suit embroidery

    My wife surprised me with a new Sparco fire suit, but she ran into a brick wall getting embroidery done. Sparco says that it needs to be done with fire proof thread. She attempted to contact a company that had fire proof thread, and experience with race suits, but found nothing. Any leads...