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  1. Mark1567

    Exhaust headers internal corrosion

    I have a set of VW ceramic coated 1 5/8" headers with Supertrap from FAT which is about two years old. I ran them on the last motor and in since rebuilding my motor, I noticed I have alot of crud falling out of the pipes which looks like rust but is more black in color. They have been in storage...
  2. Mark1567

    Rebuilding Foddrill combo spindles

    I discovered the other day that both my spindles were very hard to turn once I disconnecter the tie rods. It felt like the needle bearings for the King Pin were shot and like there was sand in there. In taking them apart, when I removed the snap rings, the king pins would not come out even with...
  3. Mark1567

    Best way to get started racing UTV

    I have been just giving some thought about possibly racing in UTV. I was wondering if I were to buy one new from dealer, which one would be best. Between Rhino, RZR or Wild Cat. And would I want to go with a 4 seater for longer wheelbase and convert to two seater with more room for fuel cell...
  4. Mark1567

    Ignition questiom on VW type 1

    I have put a new Pertronix Billet VW distributor, replacing an older identical unit. It has the flame thrower II nodule and the .6 ohm flame thrower coil. Setting the low idle mixtures on the single Weber 44 IDF, and getting the timing set initially, I am still getting a rough idle down at about...
  5. Mark1567

    What Wilwood calipers do I have and what size are bleeders?

    I have some new Wilwood 4 piston calip[ers on the rear of my 5/1600, and I got them from KarTeka couple years ago. I'll see if I have a picture of them. Hell I dont have a p[icture and the car is not with me now but I am wanting to order speed bleeders for all four wheels and the turning braks...
  6. Mark1567

    Rear brakes are sticking

    This weekend I kept having problems with my back disc brakes sticking. It seemed to happen when I am going into a turn with hand brake on as well as some foot brake. When I straighten back up, the back wheels both seem to be trying to lock up. I figured I could free it back up if I move the hand...
  7. Mark1567

    2012 NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally Questions

    I was looking at some youtube videos of this years NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally race and it looks like something we might be interested in doing next year. It seems different from the SCORE 1000 which we have done three times now but a little slower pace and not quite as competitive. It looks like...
  8. Mark1567

    Which spring plate bushings

    Is there any difference between the red, yellow and black Urethane spring plate grommets? Are they each made with different material and or have different stiffness or hardness? I have always used the SaCo yellow ones but wondered about the Energy Suspensions red or black ones.
  9. Mark1567

    Torsion Housing on 5/1600

    My last race, my rear adjuster assembly broke and rotated downward enough to put the car about 1 inch off the stops. Actually, on one side where the adjuster tube is flush with the stock housing, it broke and looks like a tear on the top of the adjuster and on the bottom of the stock housing. I...
  10. Mark1567

    Help with Fastner choces on suspension

    Today I saw on TV a show where they ware talking about these type of lock nuts called Spiralock. They work with standard male threads SAE and Metric. Has anyone used this fastning technology and how well do the work? Also, when choosing my 1/2" bolts for shock...
  11. Mark1567

    Help building 5/1600 test/play motor

    I recently tore down my race motorsince it had around 2000 miles desert, I was going to freshen up the top end. However when I pulled the heads off, trying not to break the cylinders free from the case but was unsucessful, they broke their seals so I figured just take them off and evaluate them...
  12. Mark1567

    Getting to Ensenada from San Diego

    We are going to have one of our crew members fly into San Diego and wondered what the chances would be of getting a ride down to Endenada. What would be some options other than having to sending a truck there to pick him up? That would be difficult for us to do since we will just be pulling in...
  13. Mark1567

    Hello my name is Mark

    I thought I have been here before but not sure. Anyway, I am preparing my 5-1600 car# 554 to go to Baja next month. I am now trying to decide on upgrading my altinator to a 75 or 90 amp version because we are running three pair or Halogen lamps and we also have the big 110 watt Kenwood. I will...