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  1. 70Y07A

    Prerunner steering setup

    I had heard that also. Might be some playing around but could you change the orbital to say a 2:1 raito type of setup so its not as sketchy?
  2. 70Y07A

    Prerunner steering setup

    Would there be much to stuff around with doing a full Hydro setup?
  3. 70Y07A

    Dakar Australia?

    I'm sure if there was a few of you guys interested it would be worth contacting a few teams down here in Aus. I know we have already had a few of you guys come down and jump in with some of the teams running down here. The biggest issue we are having at the moment is our engine size limits...
  4. 70Y07A

    aussie build

    Dags the truck is looking awesome. I bet you cant wait for the first competitive drive. all the best at Sea Lake. MCM is that the white one they had a Gundy a couple years ago.?
  5. 70Y07A

    aussie build

    looking pretty tough. cant wait how she handles the whoops. are you guys tuning the shocks yourself? who did you guys go through to get them?
  6. 70Y07A

    Chase Drivers

    I have never been involved in Baja (one day) but have always followed it where i can and this is what i was thinking this year while watching it. just how much behind the sences work by the chase/pit crew and the legistics of it all and how much work goes into preparing for a race of this...
  7. 70Y07A

    aussie build

    That is one tough looking Colorado!! when are you hoping to have it up and running? Are you going to run the AORC or just the local stuff?
  8. 70Y07A

    aussie build

    looks awsome so far! cant wait to see more progress.
  9. 70Y07A

    aussie build

    looks really good so far. looking forward to seeing some progress.
  10. 70Y07A

    Camburg built KINETIK 7200/6 truck for TSA Motorsports

    this truck looks Great. looks like i goes well to.
  11. 70Y07A

    Australian 'Trophy Truck' Build. BMS#1.5

    looks good so far. hopefully we can see more progress soon.
  12. 70Y07A

    My Nissan Patrol Winch truck build.

    Well hopefully you guys get it sorted.. The ARB series looks good this year.. What happened at Lockyer valley.. I did notice the car back on the truck After a couple of laps.. It will Be a whole new truck with the new suspension..
  13. 70Y07A

    My Nissan Patrol Winch truck build.

    Did you guys do any other rounds last year?? Any Plans for this year??
  14. 70Y07A

    Newbie question about starting a team

    X2 that is pretty much what i've only difference i found a car in my price range in the class i wanted had seen the guy race it before knew he looked after it. this is my second year with the car and i've got an idea of what i need to take to races how most of them run, what needs to be...
  15. 70Y07A

    Slash 4x4 Trophy Truck.

    looks awesome any updates?..
  16. 70Y07A

    Anybody using bluetooth intercoms yet?

    we race with some bluetooth systems, like you say there are pro's and con's for both but we seem to like the bluetooth kits, if you pay the money and get a decent system you don't have any issues with them. we just like the fact that if we need to get out and change a tyre or something along...
  17. 70Y07A

    *** 4x4 Class 1 ***

    i had the chance to see this on that particular day, infact i got a close look in my mirror when they caught up to me really quick. goes awesome and well done to everyone hopefully they have a successfull 2012.
  18. 70Y07A

    Aussie team taylor youtube vid

    good vid guys, cars lookin good. how was the Mackay event? what are you building in the U.S?.
  19. 70Y07A

    New from Axial!! 4 seat and 4x Buggy

    I was wondering how long it would take them to bring one of these out.. about time.
  20. 70Y07A

    Need Help

    yeah i did find that one i like it now one of my workmates is looking for a good one to i cant let him show me up but. :D