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  1. JBO

    i-Pad for preruninng Baja 500?

    I ended up using this magellan car kit with my Ipod Touch. The Motion X app was great for $3. It helped me find my way around Ensenada and find acess roads in Colonet. I also downloaded the race course to it using the email import feature...awesome. I only really scratched the surface of how...
  2. JBO

    Roger Norman = Top Notch!!

    at RM 7
  3. JBO

    NOT the summit...RM 300 to 340?

    Thanks everybody, that's good information.
  4. JBO

    NOT the summit...RM 300 to 340?

    Anybody know what RM 300 to 340 is like? I don't expect there would be any really technical or challenging sections on this portion of the race course...anyone know for sure? I would like to run this section of the course before posting up north of Erendira. Thanks
  5. JBO

    Thanks Rocket

    You're welcome Oh, and thanks to desertlab, I owe you a beer.
  6. JBO

    Fav Fast Food Place?

    None in bay area, the last placed I lived was Simi Valley and there was one right by my house....we totally miss it.
  7. JBO

    RDC & Locos Mocos 2008 Baja 1000 pictures

    Looks like a good time, looking forward to the rest o' the pics. First "action" shot I've seen of Rocket's truck.
  8. JBO

    Durka RDC Baja 1000 Photo Updates

    seems pretty clear, let's stop complaining. I'll take any pics I can get.
  9. JBO

    San francisco

    Two real good restaurants I know of... Betelnut Cha Cha Cha
  10. JBO

    Fav Fast Food Place?

    The Habit is awesome.
  11. JBO

    mountain bike question

    the crank bros. MALLET pedals are a good compromise....clipless, but still have a can ride your bike around with regular shoes, or un-clip before a section where you think you are gonna need to put your feet down.
  12. JBO

    XBOX Baja Race #2: Sunday October 19th @ 1:00PM PST

    I think I can play at that time. JBO Wood Are people racing career vehicles? I don't have trophy truck yet, and I don't want to get SMOKED.
  13. JBO

    Improvements needed in BAJA game!!

    Co-driver calling out turns would be great, or at least an easier to read gps...I feel like I have to take my eyes of the track in order to read should be larger or right above the road where you can see it.
  14. JBO

    Improvements needed in BAJA game!!

    1. How about having the gamertags of the people your are playing right above their vehicle, so when you see the other vehicles you can tell who is who, and distinguish other players from AI cars. 2. I second the idea of having people/spectators on the course...even a full blow zoo road would...
  15. JBO

    baja game and xbox 360 problems !

    I tried inviting you to a couple games bueno
  16. JBO

    Baja game VEHICLES!!

    I've found the Vildosla TT and the McMillin 1 car to be pretty good...but who knows, because I keep getting smoked online!
  17. JBO

    Xbox 360 Baja league racing??

    sign me up JBO Wood