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  1. Alex Paterson

    UMP or Advanced Air Cleaner System

    Going to install a big canister filter in my Ford and I can go with either a UMP or an Advanced Air Cleaner System from Howe. They look about the same so I thought I would see if anyone as any thoughts on the two brands. Alex
  2. Alex Paterson

    Auto Spell Check/Correct

    This is all over Facebook right now and may have been posted in here but I just can't stop laughing at some of these as I too have been a victum of AutoCorrect! -Alex
  3. Alex Paterson

    Media blaster

    Who makes a good hand held media blaster. I want to redo the paint on my cage but will need to remove the old paint first. I am looking for something that is relitivly clean for a media blaster. I saw one that was a spot blaster but haven't been able to find it since. Thanks, Alex
  4. Alex Paterson

    GoPro Video

    My wide gave me a GoPro HD for Christmas and I was wondering what video editing software people are using with these. Thanks for any suggestions. Alex
  5. Alex Paterson

    2007 Dodge Ram Tires Stock or 33" or 35"

    Trying to decide if I should level my 2007 Ram 2500 Diesel 4x4 and run some 35" or 33" or just leave it stock. I have had the truck for three and a half years now so a little change would be nice but their is also nothing wrong with stock. I am concerned with losing fuel economy. Just thought I...
  6. Alex Paterson

    Beach rental?

    I am looking for a beach (area) rental for a long weekend in the SoCal (San Diego, Del Mar, La Jolla etc) area and thought I would check with you guys and gals to see if you know of anything. Feel free to PM or respond to the thread. Thanks, Alex
  7. Alex Paterson

    Big Sucker!

    I figured this was someones pet Python until I read it was a 15 foot Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake...Holly Huge Snake! Could you picture running into this at Pit B somewhere...eek! Alex
  8. Alex Paterson

    Mexican Auto insurance.

    Heading to Baja for the 1000 and need Mexican Auto Insurance. I work with top rated carriers and will offer you good advice and great coverage. If you have any questions or would like a quote please feel free to contact me or use the link off of my web page. Remember...
  9. Alex Paterson

    2500 Diesel Eating tires

    Do the tires on your diesels go really fast? It seems like I am on a new every two year tire plan. The factory Michelins lasted almost two years to the day and now I am running a set of Yokohama's that I will be lucky to get another year out of. Any thoughts or suggestions for tires. I am...
  10. Alex Paterson

    Ram 2500 Diesel 5.9 Intake and Exhaust

    What are you guys running and what kind of results are you seeing. I want more MPG mostly. I added a Bully Dog E3 and the extra power is great but would still like to see my fuel numbers increase. I was reading about the Banks intake and how they feel its much better then anything out there...
  11. Alex Paterson


    I know I will need to go out and find my own interior prices but I thought, while I am desk racing/prerunning, I would see what some of you may think I should expect to pay to get my interior done or if anyone in AZ has suggestions for good, afford work. I would like to get- Headliner...
  12. Alex Paterson

    its 2:41 am

    And my 4 year old pit mix is afraid of thunder and lighting and guess whats going on right now. She tried to crawl into the same space my head was occupying..weee... Anyone have pets who act real tough but then a little something happens and they are big chickens? My German shepard...she's...
  13. Alex Paterson

    fuel sending unit

    I can not for the life of me remember what the ohm rating for my sending unit is in my cell and want to know how I can check to find out. Can anyone tell me how to test to find this out? Thanks, Alex
  14. Alex Paterson

    My 2 vids from Parker...

    Just two quick vids but I thought they were pretty cool so I figured I would share, Jesse & Danny Ashcraft new HnM TT, TT 18, one of the few to lauch that jump, -Alex
  15. Alex Paterson

    powdercoating truck

    What kinda of experience do some of you have with a complete cab and chassis powder coat? Strip the whole cab of everything and send it in; but does it seem worth it? What kind of expense as anyone experienced? Alex
  16. Alex Paterson

    Naked Chicks....or 4R70W help

    Anyone have anyone they can suggest in AZ for a rebuild on a 4R70W or suggestions with what they have done to replace a transmission in a 97-04 Ford F150 5.4L V8. I toasted my transmission and will either rebuild it or replace it depending on what I find out and which makes the most sense to go...
  17. Alex Paterson

    Trans help

    My 4R70W in my 02 F150 won't go into Drive, 2nd or 1st. The lever on the column will switch into those gears but the truck won't physically go into the gear. The RPM'S change like the truck wants to shift but it never quite shifts. It will go into reverse. I was out yesterday and on the way back...
  18. Alex Paterson

    Cell phone numbers go public 9/23/08 !

    Noting new but I thought I would post this so you can block your cell number from telemarketers, unless you are into that sort of thing. REMINDER....all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale...
  19. Alex Paterson

    Why does my fuel gage,

    Why does my fuel gage read sometimes and not other times? And no, its not because I am low or full on gas :) Stock instrument cluster on my 02 F150 with Racer X cell and sending unit. Lately I will start the truck and the gage will register and then when I look at it again it as dropped to...
  20. Alex Paterson

    02 F150 engine mounts

    I should replace my engine mounts before the engine decides to head south for a vacation and I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas if there are some stronger ones readily available or just the factory ones or if i need to make my own. Any thoughts would be appreciated. 02 5.4L V8, Auto...