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  1. wstephens

    Caliente Race Stories

    Well, although not REAL glamorous, here is our story and we're stickin' to it! #1298 Race Report: I want to start off by thanking every volunteer for their sacrifice and dedication to the sport. Thank you for making it possible. To SNORE and related officials, thank you for an awesome (as...
  2. wstephens

    The "Tell us YOUR 2010 Mint 400 Story" Thread!

    I kinda like when all the stories are posted in one thread. Here's our story: Prepping for the race was a little dicey as we had a lot of work to do after the 09 V2R. The little engine that could, DID, But that was all it had so I (with some technical help from others) had to do a complete...
  3. wstephens

    Vegas to Reno - #1198 In-Car

    Well, here is the first installment, Enjoy!
  4. wstephens

    Mint 400 - Car 916 - My Apologies

    On behalf of Primo MotorSport #1298, I wish to extend our apologies for the rather hard hit just after the Start / Finish. It was COMPLETELY UNINTENTIONAL. I didn't even know who we hit until I reviewed the in-car camera. I hope there was no major damage. If you have any questions or would like...
  5. wstephens

    Snore 250 - teaser

    WOOHOO! Here is a little incar from last years SNORE Southpoint 250. Just a little something to get everybody ready for next weekend!!!
  6. wstephens

    Waiver & Release of Liability........

    I've been doing alot of thinking about this lately and was wondering if there were any others in a similar situation or ever even had the thought cross their mind. I like to include a lot of outside people in our racing. Sometimes these people are of no relation to me. We all know that off...
  7. wstephens

    2008 MINT 400 Race Stories

    Tell Us YOUR Story... How did it go:D , or NOT go:eek: ? Here is part of OURS: WOW, This is going to be a LONG Post! First off, THANK YOU SNORE, This will be an event I will NEVER Forget. Top Shelf, Blue Ribbon event. From the beginning, Tech & Contingency was awesome. Jamie and...
  8. wstephens

    SNORE FilterMag 250 - Incar Video - FWIW

    Here is part 1 of the first Lap. We Had a GREAT time. Congrats to ALL the participants and especially Tom Hood for his win and Brian Crew for keeping me gunnin ALL DAY! Thanks to SNORE and ALL of the volunteers, you are the BEST. YouTube - SNORE FilterMag 250 2007 Lap1 Part1
  9. wstephens

    One of SNORE's founding members has passed away.

    This was posted on SNORE's Website. For those that knew Luther, He will be missed.:( I have memories of and have seen pictures of my Dad and Luther in the early days doin what they loved, Racing OFF-ROAD! God Speed Luther! "one of snores founding members past away. LUTHER KUTCHER...
  10. wstephens

    Hello, My Name is Wesley Stephens

    I am a 2nd generation off road racer, and my co-drivers are my sons. Three generations of Off Road Racers. My father was one of the Pioneers in off road racing. He raced the 1000 back in 72 or 73 and took 1st in class. I was there, albeit 9 or 10 years old, but I will never forget the morning...