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  1. MattV

    On Topic Help with sand rail suspension info

    Beam cars do just fine if they are set up properly. It's like anything else.. A properly built beam set up will do better than a poorly built A-arm. The amount of travel you end up with is only part of the equation. Things like bump steer (or preferably the lack of it) and how much downward...
  2. MattV

    Study says BLM land visitors prefer quiet recreation Hopefully this works..
  3. MattV

    Study says BLM land visitors prefer quiet recreation

    I find this difficult to believe. ASU conducted a study on the economic impact of OHV use in Arizona. The number they came up with was $4 Billion, annually. And that's just money actually spent in Arizona. It doesn't include what OHV users spend in other states.
  4. MattV

    New BITD Freq. Why?

    As far as programming, as long as you have the cable, it's easy. Here's an open source tool that supports many, many different radios, both Part 90 and amateur. Home - CHIRP As far as frequency allocation, there are frequency coordinators for this portion of the spectrum. The job of these...
  5. MattV

    R I P Craig Parks

    Craig was one of those people who was always willing to help, give advice and offer snide remarks. I am better for having known him and proud to call him a friend.
  6. MattV

    Lowrance XOG Maps update

    It's a discontinued item. (I have one. Like it a lot.) I looked at the Navteq web site and no Lowrance products are listed. You might try contacting Navteq directly an see if they have something.
  7. MattV


    I think you can only modify the trails with Mapcreate.
  8. MattV

    Omnibus LAND GRAB by Harry Reid wont go away

    Somewhat related to this... GOP to Challenge Wilderness Policy Dec 25, 2010 6:29 PM EST The Obama administration's decision this week to reverse a Bush-era policy and restore eligibility for federal wilderness protection to millions of undeveloped acres of land has outraged Republicans who...
  9. MattV

    optima batteries

    I thought Costco quit selling them. The last one I bought there was very different. It was about $40 cheaper than those found anywhere else.
  10. MattV

    02 sensor bypass

    For that much money and effort you could buy a high-flow cat and be done with it.
  11. MattV

    GPS, whick one?????

    You can't convert the maps, but Lowrance USR files and pretty much anything else can be converted using GPS Babel. It's a free download and simple once you figure it out. I'm guessing you may be trying to find a way to put the race course track provided by, as an example, BITD, from the...
  12. MattV

    Take a look at this RDC familia!

    Finally got it done.. About 20 behind now, though...
  13. MattV

    Take a look at this RDC familia!

    Link doesn't seem to work. Maybe because I'm mobile, but that would be a first. I'll try when I get home...if that ever happens. Sent from my Eris using Tapatalk
  14. MattV

    Havasu area NEEDS HELP QUICKLY !

    Just in case no one has seen this, it appears the comment period has been extended... From the AZBLM website: Release Date: 08/27/10 Contacts: Mike Brown , 928-718-3756 BLM Lake Havasu Travel Management Planning Comment Period Extended Lake Havasu City, Ariz. -The public comment...
  15. MattV

    On Patrol in a 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

    I wonder if Yuma County is taking laterals....
  16. MattV

    What does bench bleeding a M/C accomplish?

    You can do it without bench bleeding, even filling from the master cylinder. It's just easier to the the MC first. And yeas, you can force the brake fluid through backwards. It works, sort of, but it won't usually fill and clear the air from all of you pistons/wheel cylinders and can make a...
  17. MattV

    No more sportsman division!

    The sportsman class is one of the things that makes desert racing completely unique among sports. Doing away with the class would take away not only an important part of the history of the sport, but would reduce a lot of its appeal to many people. There are a lot of people out there who run...
  18. MattV

    One of my wife's favorite movies...

    One of my wife's favorite movies...
  19. MattV

    PeeWee Herman Videos? Really? That's taking things too far...

    PeeWee Herman Videos? Really? That's taking things too far...
  20. MattV

    PEER going after Vegas to Reno

    Most of this sounds like typical PEER lies and hyperbole. They are one of the most malevolent organizations in the arena of public land management and have a track record of making statements that are later proven false, or at minimum have no factual backing. Bringing in completely unrelated...