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  1. Jerry

    Love My Textron But......... Nothing aftermarket except Robby's parts?

    Can Robby really sue anyone that designs or manufacturers aftermarket parts for the Wildcat XX? I have heard and seen on public forums where people have stated that they were concerned about being sued by Robby for making parts for the XX. I did a quick search and found several Patents with...
  2. Jerry

    Second losers first lap. More Racing Sierra Led 250

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  3. Jerry

    Hold My Root Beer

    Maybe too much cowbell.
  4. Jerry

    The Jug does the More TransAxle Challenge

    We drove hard right from the start, wheelies were abundant. Went big of the ant hill and bent the sector shaft, just remove and adjust the steering wheel and its all good. New Jamar brakes were life changing for the Jug. Late Braking is so macho! Finished the Race with all fiberglass. Tires...
  5. Jerry


    So my truck has always had what I consider to be Marginal brakes. I run CNC 6 pistons on the rear and Wilwood 6 pistons on the front. I'm aware that they are not the best money can buy but they are what I have nonetheless. Recently I purchased a Jamar pedal assembly that came with new masters...
  6. Jerry

    Made this, but what do I call it?

  7. Jerry

    Alternator issues

    I have a DC power alt. After 10 min of driving it stops charging. Anybody know why.
  8. Jerry

    I need intelligent well informed answers for this.

    Can someone help me understand the benefits of this. I have seen that most truck builders have their tire's stay flat while others have angle in them. Does this increase the contact patch or something? Thanks I really want to learn something.
  9. Jerry

    STAY BACK 100'

    In light of recent events at the 250 that I saw in various videos I am posting. It seems to me and I think a few others feel the same way that the fans on both sides of the border need to be better informed on the dangers of staying back 100'. I was thinking that really the only thing we can...
  10. Jerry

    Can I please have a radio system that works!

    In the driveway with the truck off radios work fantastic. But as soon as I am revving the motor driving the truck at high-speed I cannot hear anybody transmitting in the radio other than my co-driver. I am sick and tired of stupid radios that don't work. Is there anyone I can pay to come out and...
  11. Jerry

    Glen Helen 1450 race. Come watch the kids!

    Ha seriously it's in our backyard and will be fun!
  12. Jerry

    ***Juggernaut.... the 1450 monster!***

    Ford 44something Tubworks axel H&M class 8 kit front end Dirt-Tech trailing arms 75 gallon fuel safe Culhane 400 King Kong's RPM Headers Richer Racing various updates I originally built this trick as a prerunner for my TT effort. But right when I finished it my business partners screwed me...
  13. Jerry

    Costumes! Lets see them.

  14. Jerry

    Would you rather have more HP or an Under-drive? Why?

    Someone said to me today, "Why would you want a 4th gear?" Not sure people understand what they are. Anyways lets hear it.
  15. Jerry

    Renting warehouse in Temecula to Prep, looking to share the space , interested?

    So we need a place in Temecula to store and prep our trucks. The new shop would be a great place to work on truck at any hour. We will have some tools there for general use like Bender, Welder, Tig and Mig, plasma cutter and various hand tools. This is not a place for donkey's so if you have...
  16. Jerry

    Saw the Dr. @ Danzio Today To Give Juggernaut New LifeRacing!

    So He is now under the care of Dr. Chris @ Danzio. As you are aware after the transplant we noticed that Juggernaut just wasn’t himself. He would run like a bat out of hell but then stumble and fall on his face. This along with some other issues caused a less than great performance at the 1000...
  17. Jerry

    Lug Nuts What do you torque them to?

    So how much do you torque your lugs to. Looking to see what you guys suggest for 5/8 studs? is 120lb ft too low?
  18. Jerry

    We are Quitters! and Feel it too.

    We are quitters! First of all huge congratulations to Josh for the win. Our day was destined for trouble before we started. We burned the midnight oil for weeks trying to get the truck ready for the race. I think Willy Valdez summed it up best by saying “you gonna test the truck at the...
  19. Jerry

    If I make it to the start one story will I have!

    If you only knew!