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    My truck

    Hey I finally got a digital camera to take pics my project F150 that took me 7 months. It was well worth the work and learning experience and thanks to the help of my friend matt a.k.a. V8 Ranger it is back on the road again. I could barely weld when i started this project and the better I got...
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    rally cars

    Anybody have any pics they can post of a rally car being built. Pictures of the interior, cage, suspension? I was just wondering how extensive some of these cars are modified to put up with the abuse. thanks in advance.
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    to possibly rephrase the question for josh, how about... what are some advantages of piggyback resevoirs vs. conventional resevoirs? Nothing related to the tension between red, blue, and yellow please! I dont want my thread to get locked. GOD BLESS AMERICA! and hopefully my poor truck too.
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    Caster angles

    I am at a critical part in building my J arms (I beam arms, not A-arms). They are all tacked together right now, but before I weld them up I need to make sure my caster is PERFECT. I dont want to have to fight my steering wheel cruising down the freeway. How much caster should I build into these...
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    Bump Stop cans

    Anybody know the diameter for sway-a-way bumpstops. I am going to make some bumpstop cans out of cromoly tubing. they look pretty simple to make. I don't have my bumpstops yet so I cannot measure them. Would they have the diameter listed on there website? Any ideas on what wall thickness to...
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    3 inch coils

    Is it possible to find used coils for three inch bodied shocks? I have the shocks but the coil prices are way out of my ballpark. I need a pair of 450lb/inch and 350lb/inch. Any shops out there have a pair of these coils laying around? What do people do with their old sagging beat to death...
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    chevy fiberglass

    i was wondering if I could get your opinions on 99-2000 chevy silverado front fiberglass fenders. It is for my friend and it is a very nice truck. would hate to wreck it with crappy fitting fenders. anybody have or seen good fitting fenders and know who makes them for this truck? thanks in...
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    shackles for deaver springs

    my F150 currently has deaver springs with stock shackles. i am going to put new shocks on the back with a shock hoop and im looking for around 18 inches of travel. is this possible if i use an 18 inch travel shock and longer shackles? i am trying to figure out the best length for my shackles...
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    3 inch body shocks

    i have three inch body shocks that i am going to put on the front of my F150. i was wondering where was a good place to buy coils for these shocks because they are very expensive. also are king and sway a way coilover kits were interchangeable. the shocks i have are sway a ways. who carries...
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    kingpin I beams?

    OK hears a question for all you ford buffs. I found these eight lug kingpin spindles that are super beefy and i need to have them because they have huge calipers with dual pistons. my question is that awhile ago i heard that you can convert these to five lug if you know the right part numbers...
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    chassis swap

    anybody ever put a new cab and body on an older smog exempt frame? I heard you can do this and still have a smog exempt vehicle. I have a 1989 ford f150 shortbed and i want to put it on a older f100-150 frame so i can run a carbuerated 351 V8. I love fuel injection and everything and the...