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    A Big Thanx

    I just wanted to say thanx to the guys of "The Flyin Dutchman" for welding my travel ram out at the grass patch. For that reason i got to finish the race. AGAIN THANK YOU. You guys are awsome in my book! Jeremy 1608
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    Driver Wanted

    Looking for a driver to race San Felipe 250. Needs to have experience in 1600. Call Jeremy @ 619-952-3038 for more details.
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    Bronco Trans and Oil Cooler

    Anyone have any pics on were they mounted there Trans cooler and oil cooler on a Fullsize Bronco? Looking to add the biggest coolers W/Fans I can.
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    2wd Explorer to 4wd.

    I have a 1991 Stock 2wd Explorer. What would it take to make it 4wd? I was thinking of Fullsize 4wd beams. What about transfer case and transmission?
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    Rooms in Ensenada

    Anyone have any extra rooms in Ensenada for the Baja 500.
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    TBR Products Baja 1000 DS650 pics

    Here are some more pics of the Baja 1000 DS650. The quad will get new plastic and graphics before the race. TBR DS650
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    DS650 for the Baja 1000

    Here are a few pics of the DS650 I am building for the Baja 1000