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    Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows

    Steve McQueen's Jeep CJ would be a great find. Saw it in a book and some on line searches. Guess it was a prerunner and was raced at least once? Anybody have any info?
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    Congrats to Ron Johnson and his Garner Olds feature in Hot Rod magazine

    Great job on the car, followed the build up outstanding! Maybe Hot Rod will do more stories like this.
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    What's Up With Smoking in the Marines???

    Probably just a rebellion type thing, parents aren't around to has-sail them.
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    2500HD Fuel Gauge

    Thanks for all the replies, been working so much have not had a chance to respond. A couple guys at work ended up having the same problem and then had to replace the fuel pump/float? as their trucks quit running. Is this something to look forward too? I drive the truck to work on Monday and...
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    McQueens Jeep

    I was reading the book McQueens Machines and it has a photo of a Jeep CJ, with a Traco built Chevy and Von Dutch pinstripes, that he used to pre run Baja. Book says Sonny Bono owned it at one time. Any one know what happened to it? This would would be a cool find.
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    1987 Baja 1000 coverage on ABC's "Wide World of Sports"

    What a bad ass Scoop is 1 handed the whole way!
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    2500HD Fuel Gauge

    The fuel gauge in my 01 2500HD has been acting up, going from full to empty,back and forth, mostly while sitting in traffic. Any one having the same problem or know of a fix?
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    do you still have HEROS

    That was great, good job!
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    2500HD bumper

    Thank you sir
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    2500HD bumper

    Thank you, sir
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    2500HD bumper

    Does any body make a prerunner style front bumper for a 01 2500HD? I am looking to replace the bumper on mine and want some thing that is a bolt on. I don't have access to the shops you have out west so I am looking for one that I can have shipped and bolt on myself.
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    Thinking of buying a Raptor

    Not to disrespect any of the builders on here or their products, but bolt on upper arms and shocks out perform a truck that probably had millions spent on it in development? If this is the case then I think its great as I am a GM fan but have been looking at the Raptor as my next truck.
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    65 vw

    Thanks for all the input. I have a guy that wants to trade a 65 Bug for a K5 Jimmy I have and me never owning a VW I wanted to hear from some owners. I plan to look at it this week and see what happens.
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    65 vw

    Yet again I turn to RDC for help/advise. I'm looking at getting a 65' Bug for my wife, 2nd car not a DD. I have never owned a VW before so I wanted to know what you guys think about Bugs, good and bad...
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    Dakar Stage 4 - Fiambala > Copiaco

    NASCAR page on MSN did show a picture about the stage win!
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    H2 Wheels

    Well that answers that, I don't want to cut it up or get fiberglass fenders. I guess I will get a new set of 285's... Thanks.
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    Garner Cutlass

    Can't wait to see it finished. I love looking at all the pics of the class 6 cars and I'm still amazed that cars were built to race off road. Are the a arms and springs Cutlass pieces or are they heavy duty truck parts or something else? Hope to make it to the Mint this year to see your work...
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    H2 Wheels

    Will Hummer H2 wheels and tires fit on my 01 2500HD 2wd ? The tires are 315-70R17. I have a key lift and currently am running 285/75/16s. I wanted to know if the H2 wheels/tires are a direct bolt on with no clearance problems. I figured someone on here has the answer! Thanks for the help!
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    Raptor Born in Baja

    Raptor Born in Baja, on Speed today 2:00pm eastern
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    Fried turkey

    Oil level is most important. We always strain and save the oil then have a shrimp and fish fry on New Years.