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    McQueens Jeep

    I was reading the book McQueens Machines and it has a photo of a Jeep CJ, with a Traco built Chevy and Von Dutch pinstripes, that he used to pre run Baja. Book says Sonny Bono owned it at one time. Any one know what happened to it? This would would be a cool find.
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    2500HD Fuel Gauge

    The fuel gauge in my 01 2500HD has been acting up, going from full to empty,back and forth, mostly while sitting in traffic. Any one having the same problem or know of a fix?
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    2500HD bumper

    Does any body make a prerunner style front bumper for a 01 2500HD? I am looking to replace the bumper on mine and want some thing that is a bolt on. I don't have access to the shops you have out west so I am looking for one that I can have shipped and bolt on myself.
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    65 vw

    Yet again I turn to RDC for help/advise. I'm looking at getting a 65' Bug for my wife, 2nd car not a DD. I have never owned a VW before so I wanted to know what you guys think about Bugs, good and bad...
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    H2 Wheels

    Will Hummer H2 wheels and tires fit on my 01 2500HD 2wd ? The tires are 315-70R17. I have a key lift and currently am running 285/75/16s. I wanted to know if the H2 wheels/tires are a direct bolt on with no clearance problems. I figured someone on here has the answer! Thanks for the help!
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    Raptor Born in Baja

    Raptor Born in Baja, on Speed today 2:00pm eastern
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    Trophy Truck Video

    A while back someone posted a video of a Trophy Truck,( I think it was Collins Dodge?) getting stuck behind a chase truck on a mountain pass in Baja, I wanted to show it to my son but afters several searches I can't find it. Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks
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    Gas vs Diesel

    What kind of mpg are you guys getting? I'm getting around 13 combined from my 01 2500HD 2WD with the 6.0. I use it for work and do around 200 +miles a day, maybe tow about 30% of the time. I was wondering if a diesel would be better or worse, may be a 1/2 ton with a V8 would be better yet?
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    Anyone know what would cause a 700R4 to slip in drive and over drive only? All the other gears seem to work, it will take off ok but after it shifts to drive it slips. Its in a 89 GMC 4x4 with high miles. Is it just time for a rebuild?
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    Torsion Bars

    While changing the oil in my 2500HD today I started to wonder how do the Halls win the 8100 class with an H2 that has basically the same suspension? I assume no one races a 2500 pickup do to the limits of the torsion bar suspension. Is $$ the limiting factor?
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    YOLO Racing Blazer

    Anyone know the fate of the Yolo Racing Blazer? I think it raced in class 8.
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    Best programmer?

    Can anyone recommend an aftermarket programmer for a 2500HD with the 6.0 gas motor? I've looked at Bully Dog and Hypertech so far, looking for better mileage and shift points since getting bigger tires. More power wouldn't hurt either!
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    Prerunner style bumper

    Does anyone make a prerunner style front bumper that will bolt on/replace the stock bumper on a 01' 2500HD and will ship to the east coast?
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    East Coast?

    Is there any future plans to bring CORR to the east coast? This racing is so much better than NA$CAR which I've been a fan of since the 80's but now I don't care if I miss a race or not...but I do make time to watch CORR every chance I get!
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    Dust to Glory

    Dust to Glory has been running on Encore Wam channel here on the east coast if anyone is interested.
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    jeep rear end

    Need to replace the rear end in our 99 Grand Cherokee 2WD. Does anyone know which years will interchange?
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    Shock advise

    I've got a 89' GMC Jimmy 4x4 (full size) that I picked up as a project/beater/run around on the weekend kind of ride. It is in need of new shocks. The only work I've done so far is to install easy ride front springs with 2.5 to 3'' lift. The rear has an add a leaf, which is ok as this thing...
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    1 Race

    If you could only make it to one race a year as a spectator, coming from the east coast, staying at a motel, renting a car/truck so you can get out to see some action on your own or hooking up with any of you that are in the ''know'' which race would it be?
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    Bolt In Bed Rack

    Does anyone make a bolt in bed rack that could be used along with a locking rollback bed cover? I am a utility contractor by trade and am in the need of a rack that can carry sections of pvc but would like to keep the locking cover for obvious reasons. The truck is a 2500HD.
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    Tail Light problem

    Just like most Grand Cherokees I see brake lights don't work right on my wifes. When the lights are on and you hit the brakes the drivers side brake light doesn't come on. When the lights are off during the day the brake light works. Is it the socket, tail light assembly something else? The...