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  1. stoprez2006

    Which Transaxle?

    What transaxle would you guys recomend for a tube chassis baja bug? The car has an a-arm front, will pull about 20" travel all the way around, run a stock 4.3l chevy with 33" tires and is mostly going to be ran in the sand. This is a tight budget build but I dont want to worry about buying a...
  2. stoprez2006

    Body Mounting

    What is the best way to mount the body of a baja bug on a tube chassis? I want to keep it removable so I dont want to weld plates between the body and the frame but I also dont trust my whole drilling skills to lining holes up in tubing to the original body mounting holes. culd you give me...
  3. stoprez2006


    Got to talking to some guys at work about mig welding and were talking about gas shielding versus innershield. We were divided on whether or not innershield produces the same quality of weld as gas shielded and if using innershield on a roll cage would be acceptable or not. So I thought I...
  4. stoprez2006

    Links and Towing

    I need some opinoins from you guys. My brother has a '70 Chevy C/20 that he bought a '72 K/20 4x4 frame to swap under and while at it he wanted to modify all the suspension. The plan is to install raduis arms up front with air bags and either raduis arms or a four link setup in the rear also...
  5. stoprez2006

    2nd gen ram suspension help

    Hey guys, I’ve got a '98 Ram 1500 4x4 and have been looking all over for a suspension setup for my truck that is better than just a standard lift kit. I have talked to Carli and to KORE and neither offers anything for the 2nd gen Ram half tons, only ¾ and 1 tons. I want my truck to be able to...
  6. stoprez2006

    dodge 5.2l issue

    Hey guys I could use some advice. I have a 1998 Ram 1500 4wd and had an issue with it that I don't understand. This last weekend I was camping at Lake San Antonio with my family and was headed home Tuesday. I was towing a small trailer home which I have hauled many times before. I was about...
  7. stoprez2006

    4.3 headers

    I have been looking all over the net looking for headers for my baja project and can't find what I am looking for. I am mounting the motor in the back of the car and would like headers that sweep upwards and rearward on the car. Has anyone seen these or am I looking at something custom...
  8. stoprez2006

    4.3l Harness help

    Hey guys I need some help. I picked up a rolled 1998 Blazer from my dad's coworker and it has a 4.3l that I plan to use in my baja bug. I started pulling all the wiring and stuff of to pull the motor and realized there is a ton of stuff going into that motor and to other things. I had also...
  9. stoprez2006

    Introducing Project Frogger

    Hey guys so here it is! This is my baja bug I have been working on designing an a-arm suspension for. It started life as a 1972 bug that my dad bought about 8 years ago for driving to work. He and I spent a bit of time fixing it and getting it running and then he taught me how to drive in it...
  10. stoprez2006

    Adapting a Dana 44 hub to 930CV

    Hey guys I am working out the details of my a-arm baja bug project and ran into a snag with my driveline. I am planning to run Dana 44 hubs from the front of a 1998 dodge on all four corners, one so all the parts are the same which means less spares and two so I can have the same bolt pattern...
  11. stoprez2006

    linking question

    My brother and I are working on his truck and had a few questions come up last night while talking over some plans for it. The truck currently is a 1972 Chevy C/20 and the plan is to swap a four wheel drive chassis under it that has been linked up front and possibly in the rear. This truck...
  12. stoprez2006

    Dana 44 hub question

    Hey guys I am working on my a-arm baja bug design and need a little help. My plan is to use hubs for the front that are the same as the hubs on my truck. It is a 1998 Ram 1500 which has a Dana 44. I was wondering if anyone on here by chance knows what the length of the hub is from its...
  13. stoprez2006

    Buggy Frame Material

    Hey guys, I am trying to help my 13 year old brother out with a go-kart/dune buggy thing and I am not sure what I should use. The plan is a buggy that he can take to Pismo and cruise around the dunes in and be able to run with the "big guys". We originally planned for a little motor so he can...
  14. stoprez2006

    Ram suspension

    I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 (it's before the TRX4) and I cannot find a suspension system for it. I have talked to KORE and Carli and they only have stuff for the 2500 and 3500. Is there anyone esle that might make something?
  15. stoprez2006

    Design Help

    Hey all I am doing my first real design and build and need some help. I have a 1972 bug that got rear ended a couple years back and I have decided to use it to build my first off road car out of. I am knew to this scene and am learning as I go so I will have a lot of seemingly dumb questions...
  16. stoprez2006

    Hey I'm Anthony A.K.A Stoprez2006

    Hey I'm Anthony, I'm 22 and live on California's Central Coast. Been here all my life and got into cars at an early age. Got my first car when I was 14 and it was a '64 VW. Finally just got it running and got another '72 VW. After getting those I got into Baja Bugs and haven't looked back...