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  1. Haycock

    HF tube roller?

    I have a side job coming up that will require some slightly radiused 1.75"x.095 tubing. i was planing on paying someone to do the 2 radiused tubes but i was looking on line and saw the Harbor Freight tube roller for $170. im wondering if any one has used one of these that can give some feedback...
  2. Haycock

    ecotec class 10?

    im kinda tossing around some ideas on something to build and im looking at building a 10 car but i would like to use a stock ecotec so im curious if there has been any talk of allowing ecotecs in class 10. thanks, Bryan
  3. Haycock

    bike classes?

    why doesnt vorra have any bike classes? they have quad but no bike, whats the deal? Thanks Bryan
  4. Haycock

    A514 T-1 plate?

    i have been using T-1 plate for the last 6 years in the construction industry and is seems to work great but i never see anyone in the off-road industry use it. im wondering what some of the disadvantages are of using it. the only thing i have seen in my experiences is that is tends to warp alot...
  5. Haycock

    dodge Dakota CVs?

    I'm going to start a mid travel front suspension project on a 2000 Dakota 4x4 and the plan is to try and use the factory CVs. I have no clue about these CVs. I have done some searching on the internet with no luck. Any body have some info on them? max angles? strength? Thanks Bryan
  6. Haycock

    ohv registration in california

    im wondering what it takes to get a car registered in California. i was under the impression that i had to get a vin from chp then do some paperwork and pay a fee at dmv then get a green sticker. but someone told be its imposable to get a car registered if it doesn't have a carb legal motor. i...
  7. Haycock

    diff temps?

    what temp does a average 9" run through the desert? after running mine at a decent pace for about 10 miles i can hardly hold my hand on the diff housing because its too hot. is this normal?
  8. Haycock

    neck brace or not?

    I have always heard that if you are going to be straped in a vehicle and wearing a helmet you must were a neck brace also. This so the extra wieght of the helmet doesnt give you neck injuries. The other day i was talking to a guy that said you are worst off wearing a neck brace than not. so...
  9. Haycock

    preference on body panel mounting

    Im going to start making aluminum body panels for my car and im curious to see what everyone prefers for mounting hardware. thanks. Bryan
  10. Haycock

    everlast welders?

    One of my friends just bought a everlast ac/dc tig/plasma/stick and he likes it so far but is there any one that has seen these welders have problems? Im thinking about getting one just for my garage so its not going to get a ton of use. i know they are not as good as lincoln or miller but to...
  11. Haycock

    spool or detroit or open or what?

    im biulding a cut down 9" for my buggy and im most likely going to put a spool in it. im leaning towards a spool becouse its cheep, strong, and real perdictable. i was also thinking ARB but thats kinda out of my budget. i would like some different opinions and to see what every one is running...
  12. Haycock

    ackermann angles

    so im building some steering arms for a friend and im trying to give it correct ackermann. i made some dummie arms using the generic way to get ackermann (draw a line through kp, rod end, and center of rear end) and that gives me 55* on the inside and 35* on the out side. this seams alittle...
  13. Haycock

    fox air shock valving

    im changing the valving in my air shocks and i have acouple questions. im running 2.5 bypasses in the rear as well as the 2.5 air shocks so should i just take out all the shims on the air shocks or put thinner ones in or put less in? im not sure if i can just put less or more shims in or if i...
  14. Haycock

    wiring 540c- NMEA 2000 power?

    im trying to wire a 540c into my buggy and im kinda confused on the directions. all i want to hook up is the display and the antenna. i know i need to put power to the display but do i need to power the NMEA 2000 wires? thanks
  15. Haycock

    Billygoat Motorsports KOH build

    Im posting this for a friend but im doing the suspension on it and hes doing everything else. it was going to run this years KOH race but hes alittle behind... its alittle different than most builds so i hope you like it. ill post more pics as it progresses.
  16. Haycock

    dimensions of 540c?

    im starting the wiring on my dash and im planing on putting a 540c in it but cant afford it right now so i need to save a spot for it. can someone tell me the mounting dimensions for it? thanks
  17. Haycock

    looking for a brake hat

    ive been searching for 8 on 7 hat for 5 on 5.5 lug pattern with no luck. it doesnt matter if its aluminum or steel and the offset doesnt matter. i would think this would be a common size but i cant find them anywhere. please post if you know where i can find one. thanks.
  18. Haycock

    long 9/16 bolts: where to find them?

    i need 2 9/16 x 6.5" or 7" grade 8 (or higher) bolts. i have checked everywhere with no luck. everywhere that has them has a 50+ minumum and i dont feel like paying $200 for 2 bolts. if anyone knows of a place that will sell indavidual bolts please let me know. thanks
  19. Haycock

    budget buggy

    i started this project a year ago with never building anything for the desert/ sand and on a budget of $5000. i looked on the internet a bit to get some ideas then just started building. this was originaly going to be a sand only buggy but now im getting more into desert racing im starting to...
  20. Haycock

    pics of oversized tanks for wr450?

    im looking to get a bigger fuel tank for my 07 wr 450 but i havnt seen any around so if any one has a pic of one that would be alot of help. thanks