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    Welder...which one?

    About two years ago I picked up the Hobart Handler 175amp 220v welder. I use it everyday now and the thing still welds perfect, as good as the day I got it. So I hope that helps a little.
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    Race With Giant

    you can ride in this!!!
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    Hobart 135 amp mig welder

    I have a hobart handler 175. it runs off of 220v and works great. but if you are looking to weld to a frame I would not go with anything less than a 175. the 135 is probably great for tubing and sheet metal..
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    Giant Motorsports 4 link kit

    call geoff at Giant, 949 369-7223. He'll give you all the info you need on them. I think geoffs truck cycles 31" of travel with a 16" shock, and he uses the same kit on his pre-runner/race truck. I got a chance to ride in his truck in Mexico at the 1000 and that thing is insane. He also took...
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    My truck

    sorry that one was huge...try this one
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    My truck

    another pic
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    My truck

    Oh yeah maybe you guys want to know a little about it. Equal length tubular cromoly J-arms, kingpin spindles, 2.5 by 16" kings with 350/350 springs. I used spherical bearings instead of heims because it seemed to fit the application better. truck is about 4 inches wider on each side. I'll post a...
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    My truck

    Hey I finally got a digital camera to take pics my project F150 that took me 7 months. It was well worth the work and learning experience and thanks to the help of my friend matt a.k.a. V8 Ranger it is back on the road again. I could barely weld when i started this project and the better I got...
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    Powerglide Transmissions

    couldn't you use a three speed and gear your rear end kinda low so it will use third gear all the time? that way you have three close ratio gears instead of two very wide gears. But I think I read that with extreme low ratio rear end gears your pinion ends up getting so small that it makes the...
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    rally cars

    Awesome thanks guys!
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    rally cars

    Anybody have any pics they can post of a rally car being built. Pictures of the interior, cage, suspension? I was just wondering how extensive some of these cars are modified to put up with the abuse. thanks in advance.
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    Redesign Tacoma rear frame.....

    It seems like it might be easier just to relocate your springs to the outside of the frame rails and fab up some new spring hangers kind of like a fords. you can order new spring perches for your axle to. ??? it may be easier.
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    ?'s on older 4wd chevys

    Re: ?\'s on older 4wd chevys there is a really nice chevy around where i live with twin traction beams and a set of coilovers and bypass shocks in front. the thing looks all mellow with no fiberglass, then you look underneith and its got long heimed radius arms and some nice shocks. Sweet...
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    Easter Videos Are Finally Up!

    Dude, fishdood the general lee is siiiick, I thought I saw a rollbar inside that thing when you were hitting the full tilt jump? thats awesome. what is UBCS 4 life? just wunderin GOD BLESS AMERICA! and hopefully my poor truck too.
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    Muffler Blunder??

    "This, as worded, appears to address cross sectional size of a port. My list referred only to intake port volume. Cross sectional port size and port volume are two different things." I do not see how geoff was addressing cross sectional port size in any way. It looked to me that he was...
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    A-arms are lame

    It kind on resembles corvettes old IRS a little but. looks awesome keep up the great work! GOD BLESS AMERICA! and hopefully my poor truck too.
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    spherical bearings

    they hold the bearing race in one hand and the ball in the other hand and click their heels three times. hehe :-) GOD BLESS AMERICA! and hopefully my poor truck too.
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    ideas on shock hoops??

    If you run your shocks on the outside of the frame rails you can make a removable cross brace so you can still use your bed somewhat for street use.(dirtbikes?) just a thought. good luck. If I did not have a bike id mount them on the inside just cuz i dont like the whole idea of mounting the...
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    to possibly rephrase the question for josh, how about... what are some advantages of piggyback resevoirs vs. conventional resevoirs? Nothing related to the tension between red, blue, and yellow please! I dont want my thread to get locked. GOD BLESS AMERICA! and hopefully my poor truck too.
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    Failure Analysis Time!

    the heat treating looks like it might be deeper on one side than the other. maybe it the metal fatigued from constant heating and cooling? just a wild guess GOD BLESS AMERICA! and hopefully my poor truck too.