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    Who has the best cell phone coverage in Baja??

    I have a go phone from at&t and works well in Mexico. I wouldn't buy the cheap phone, spend the money on a little nicer phone that will get better reception. Mine works every where I have a signal, but I purchased the cheapest Samsung they had at Walmart just to try it out, and the reception...
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    Help me make since of this?

    It looks like they have them in order of the first number of the riders bike number somehow. All of the bikes that start with 1 are first followed by the bikes that start with 2 then 3 and so on. Since your sons number starts with 9, that is why he is at the bottom. It doesnt look like the...
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    Anheuser Purchase- Bud Buy

    I used to drink their Sunshine Wheat Beer until I checked out their website. I would rather support InBev than some envirmental wackos! New Belgium Brewing supports to many groups that are not at all off-road friendly.
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    Anheuser Purchase- Bud Buy

    I think Miller and Coors merged as well, go to and it takes you to I gues they are South African and Canadian owned now.
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    mid-west point of view

    I don't think he is smoking anything, I've seen it happen quite a bit usually at supercross events that I go to, all though I haven't attended many corr races have seen it happen there as well. Some people are just to cool to respect our country. Pisses me off as well, maybe that is why I...
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    MDR Night Race Update

    1st - McMillin - lapped everyone 2nd- Beaver 3rd - Eddie Zeller I think 4th- Watson in a 12 car 5th- 1600 car possibly Dan/Luke or another 1600 not sure whose it was, but were fairly close. 1600 race was good, Eugenio led for a while broke, then McMillins lead for a while, then Quintin...
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    Night Riding Tips

    Black out your front fender to help with glare. You could use duct tape and paint it flat black, so you don't have to buy a new fender.
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    screwed by the long d!@k of the law

    I googled it, seems to be knife similar to a switchblade, but instead of being opened by a push of a button, it is opened by gravity. Regardless of mechanics of the knife it seems to be illegal in California even if it was a graduation present
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    A bad day bike racing is better than... Here is a link to the msnbc article. According to the article he was drunk.
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    Will SCORE Enforce Course Cutting?

    On the 8x deal it is pretty obvious that he was not trying to cut the coarse, as his line down the highway was quite a bit longer than the actual coarse even if the coarse was much rougher, as well as it shows on the tracker that who was ever riding seemed to be pretty much out of it after the...
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    911 In Baja

    911 will work from U.S. cell phones and 112 from a European cellular provider. They have also have a visitor assistance hotline which is 078, but I don't know if you have to be on a Mexico phone or if it will work from a US cell phone. I got all of this information of the SCORE site, click...
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    AZ ride spots?

    If its street legal you can get a range pass from the military, a lot of that area is bombing range to the south of the freeway, but they will let you go on it with a range pass, just have to call first. Gila Bend has some fun terrain on a dirt bike they used to have motorcycle races over...
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    Calling all Yuma RDC Dude and Dudette's...

    Yea I know Jeff go in and B.S. with him quite a bit usually after races, that is when the snowbirds are gone and you can get into that place. Good Food!
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    Calling all Yuma RDC Dude and Dudette's...

    let me know I will try to make it.
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    Our move to Yuma AZ

    We have more people than we can handle already, especially in the winter. I usually tell people Yuma sucks I only live here because I have to. Let them all move to Phoenix.
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    BITD Laughlin Hare Scrambles..

    I got some results from d37 message board Abbott & Morros first Nick and Russ Pearson David Kamo & Kyle Summers third
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    Members Missing In Action

    ask fly I think he has been sent on vacation a few times. what ever happened to that wrx guy I think it was seanwrx
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    I've never drunk that stuff anyway, but... according to snopes it is false. I remember that e-mail going around a while back.
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    FUD 24 hour race

    The record for the bike race lies between 1350 and 1400 miles somewhere I think, set in 01 by the Honda team consisting of Johnny Campbell, Steve Hengeveld, Jonah Street, Craig Smith, Tim Staab, and I think Greg Bringle. I know we got third overall with over 1200 miles. Ourselves and second...
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    Ktm 450 Xc-w, Exc-r, Xc-f, What's The Difference?

    I thought Aaron won the race and Cameron got second, both on Beta