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    Starter issue - LS2/Fortin transmission

    Im having a issue starting my car. 3 out of 4 times when I go to start the car it sounds as if the starter is pushing out right to the flywheel, not engaging, and spinning against the flywheel. The only way I can get the car started is to put it in gear and rock it - take it back out of gear...
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    Switch Labels

    Hey guys - I'm redoing the dash in my prerunner and want to get some custom switch labels made. Right now each switch has its own Kartek label. I want to get a one piece label made to label all the switches. I want it to look just like the Kartek labels (maybe a different color font), just...
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    Fitch Fuel Catalyst? Anyone with experience?

    Do anyone have any experience with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst system on a vehicle? I'd really like any real world experiences.... trying to figure out if it is a decent product or not.... I'm willing to try anything on my 8300# truck...
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    removing powdercoat from wheel lugs?

    I have a set of KMC beadlocks that I had powdercoated.... and the lug tapers got powdercoated as well. Do any of you have recommendations for removing the powedercoat in the tapers? I'm thinking a tapered scotchbrite bit would be the perfect tool.... but I searched all over for one, with...
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    What channel this year?

    Hey guys.... I was trying to program my DVR for this years race..... and I can't find what channel its going to play on. Last year it was on OLN (outdoor life network). I don't even have that channel this year.... and I can't find what channel it is going to be playing on..... can someone...
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    Robby Gordon or Walker Evans Wheels - Load Capacity

    Does anyone know the load capcity specs of a Robby Gordon wheel or a Walker Evans wheel? Specifically for a 17"x8" 8 lug wheel for a Super Duty?
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    Diesel in Mexico - ULSD?

    I know this is a weird question.... but it might be helpful to some. If any of you own a '07 diesel, or plan on getting one..... they require that you fuel it will Ultra Low Sulfar Diesel (ULSD). It was a federal requirement that our diesel (US's) was ULSD compliant as of June 1, 2006...
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    Problem with my Lowrance 480c

    All of a sudden, my Lowrance 480c baja is giving me a window that says, "GPS module not responding".... can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this issue..... it was working fine.
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    PVC valve for heater core on a ranger

    Has anyone put a PVC ball valve on their heater core hose so that you can shut it off during the summer and get colder air conditioning? I want to do it to my '93 ford ranger with a 4.0L..... can you interupt the coolant flow through the heater core? Which hose would you do it to? What size...
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    Nintendo Rumor - is it true?

    I heard a rumor that there is one of those simple joysticks on the market that plugs right into your tv.... and some of the orginal nintendo games loaded on it.... Anyone heard of this?
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    Tehachapi Summit - anyone familiar with it?

    Hey guys.... is anyone familiar with the Tehachapi summit? I'm going to pull my fifth wheel from Bakersfield to Mojove on the 58 and I need to know if I am going to run into any major grades. It looks like the elevation is 408' in Bakersfield and 4064' at the summit...... can you campare...
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    Viair Compressor systems????

    Does anyone have any experience with the Viair compressed air systems for your truck? I want to add a complete system to my truck..... but I don't know what components would be the best choice. I want to be able to run a 1/2" drive impact for pit stops. Do I need the 5 gallons tank.... or...
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    XM radio and commericals

    Has anyone else noticed that they are starting to play commericals on xm radio? In the last week I have heard commericals for Oreck vaccum cleaners and Office Depot. I just finished sending them an e-mail about it..... if it bothers you guys too.... please e-mail them. I thought the whole...
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    Ranger Motor Swap - old 4.0L to new 4.0

    Does anyone have any information on swapping the old '90-'94 4.0L out of a ranger and installing one of the newer versions of the 4.0L in? Maybe a recommendation for a shop that has done it. The old motors are 160hp and the new ones are 207hp and lighter......
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    New Optima Battery Question

    OK guys.... I need information. I have two red top optima's in my ranger right now, connected in series. Its time to replace them (one has a slash in it and took the other one out with it). I want to be able to park the truck and still listen to the radio and race radio for a while...
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    What a Shame!

    Enough Said!
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    Dakar '07 seat available on Ebay!

    If only I had $80K to blow on a dream.... I know there are guys on here that do.... so check this out:
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    Long Beach Grand Prix - Frequencies???

    Does anyone know what the broadcast frequency is going to be for the LBGP? My seats are right across from a Jumbotron and I need the frequency so I can hear the broadcast that goes along with it.
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    Hwy 8 after San Felipe!!!

    Who else thought Highway 8 was going to be a great route home after the race Saturday night? 4 hours later!
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    motorcycle shipping

    I just bought a streetbike on ebay that is located in Indiana. Does anyone have any experience with shipping motorcycles, or have any recommendations on shipping companies?