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    Where are the JD brand trucks??

    I Talked to a Guy from New York a year a go he stumbled across one of the JD Brand Pre Runners. and repainted it the old JD Brand Paint Scheme. I believe the 1980 F 150 that Gary Paige Crashed at Riverside was Rebuilt before they closed and John Gable Bought it and later totaled it. I heard that...
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    Another broken back at the Parker 425 - Suspension Seats

    Raceco did make a seat system with 2 Nitrogen shocks on it it worked good back in the day
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    Chenowth 1000 3 link Restore

    I Pited for him at the Mint he was a nice guy
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    Racing Nissan Pick Up Possibly Sherman Balch Truck

    Jim Conner Built the Trucks. I know of at least one was purchased from the scrap yard and modified after they discontinued the program
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    Kreisler Raceco's-where r they now?

    Bob Renz / Dick Clark Raceco
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    Casey Mears racing the Baja 1000 - Video interview

    Ever hear of Danica Patrick ?
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    Throwback Thursday

    The First Jimco
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    What did you ride?

    the Santee Sand Pit was a Happening place back in the Day.
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    Post your old race photos!

    I thought Kim Klepper (KKars) out of Riverside built Both the Isuzu Pup and the Trooper ?
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    1987 Riverside Off Road Championships

    I Remember after the Mall was Built the far south end of the Track was still there but that was ages ago im sure its gone by now
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    1987 Riverside Off Road Championships

    I Believe the guy on the left in the white shirt on the scaffolding we referred to as "Jungle Bob" we would run in to him Every Year. good times those were.
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    Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's 1984 PPI Toyota SR5 restoration

    Any Idea what Happened to the #002 Truck ?
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    1987 Riverside Off Road Championships

    Didn't the Car belong to Jack Ware ?
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    Getting creative (Cheating)

    Ivan showed up at Parker one year with the Class 8 Ford that had the Cab lowered four inches around the floorboard. the rules said that the cab had to utilize the factory mounts but didn't say anything about lowering the rest of the Cab.
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    old buggy identification

    I Looks like Glen Harris Next to Charlotte
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    old buggy identification

    I Believe that Ivan Stewart was Driving the Chevy at the 1000 that Year.
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    Post your old race photos!

    the First Jimco
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    ORMHOF Class of 2018 Announced on July 11

    this has some surprising members being inducted ;-p