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    cutting coils and spring rate

    here is the situation. i have a 00 a arm ranger with a camburg 5.5 lift kit. the truck has some 2.0 resavoir shocks as well as some air bumps. the ride hieght right now is to tall. as it sits it only has about 2" of droop. i want to cut the coils but i need to know how much the spring rate...
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    late laughlin video

    i finally got the laughlin 05 vid uploaded after dealing with technical difficulties. i threw this together in about an hour so i know its not the best. hope everyone likes jumping. ps-the first shot in the video is sourapas almost killing me and gabe...
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    new bfg mt?

    what do you guys think?
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    learning how to post tutorial

    thought this was funny
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    AN fitting question

    ok i need to use a flare expander to go from a -6 male steel bung to a -8 steel female. this is what i plan on using basically my question is will it be ok to use the aluminum adapter with the steel bung?
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    well here it is. sorry if i missed you, i got there late and had to leave early. click here for the D-DAY video
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    PRIMM 300 - video

    ok i know this is late but here is the PRIMM 300 video. sorry it took so long i had some software issues.
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    metal for shock bungs

    ok i need the help of all you metal experts out there. i am looking at making some 1" OD bungs with a threaded 1/2" hole. my idea is to get some solid stock, have the hole machined into that and then threaded. i can find what i need on mcmastercarr but i have no clue what metal to choose. i...
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    shock plating

    i have been tossing around the idea of plating a set of bypass shocks with something other than normal. what i would really like to do is go the black oxide route, but after talking to swayaway and a few other people i was told it will not be very durable and will rust. anyone have any...
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    new and improved

    just wanted to post, that after tons of hours of work that the new and improved is up and running. lots of new features and cool stuff to check out. a big thanks goes out to ray (regeeno) for helping us out, none of it could have been done without him. hope everyone likes...
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    dezert truck meeting - aug 3

    we are going to get together some dezert truck/prerunner meetings in the future. first one is set for august 3rd. check the link for all the details. meeting info
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    relocation of A/C condensor

    has anyone ever relocated thier A/C condensor? i want to do this on my a arm ranger but i dont know what needs to be done to make it possible, or if running longer lines will affect the eficency of the system. can the condensor be run sideways? the reason i want to do this is room for shock...
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    Herbst testing after the race?

    i just got off the phone with my dad who works in the motion picture industry. He told me there was a race team out testing by them today in vegas, and asked me if knew of the Terrible Herbst, haha. I guess they were hauling ass past the production company somwhere on a dry lake bed near...