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    Who Makes the Best Zip Ties?

    They're used just about everywhere so I dont know if this is in the right section but does anyone swear by a certain brand?
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    Coilover Spacers for Tundra?

    I recently purchased a Tundra and have looked into leveling the front end. Even though the truck is too soft in the front, It rides real nice and it will be kept a street truck. I wanted to know if anyone has experience with the cheap lift spacers. There are some that mount the entire coilover...
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    What kind of Delrin Acetal

    I did a search for Acetal and found at least 5 different types that were defined as: Delrin Acetal-about $31 for 8 ft, Delrin AF(Acetal Filled) Acetal rod- "5 times better wear resistant self lubricating lower friction coeficient" and $40 per foot Delrin AF Acetal blend rod-20% PTFE (teflon)...
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    disk brake conv.

    I am swapping out the stock rearend out of my sonoma for one out of a 4wd blazer with factory disk brakes. I am sure both trucks have the same booster and M/C but are the proportioning valves disk/drum specific? I am not sure if one brake setup requires more pressure than the other or if I can...
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    Thats probably a bad word but I wanted to know if anybody had any comments on the MX6 shock. They are monotube shocks like the Bilsteins and reb.&comp. are adjusted in parallel. Not interested in building a race truck off them but figure they might be alot better than the Rancho 9000's.?.
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    I have a sonoma with the Fabtech kit. Im running 5100s in the front (F4-B46-1697-W0)-made for a 88-98 1/2 ton chevy. The valving on it is way to soft in the dirt. I was told to try 3/4 ton suburban 5100's so i did and they have even softer valving. Does anybody know if they make a stiffer...
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    Solid Motor Mounts

    Do any of you run solid motor mounts? Are they a good alternative to rubber ones that have to be replaced on a regular basis? How about polyurethane mounts? If I do run solid mounts, am I going to get alot of vibration through the truck? Who makes or sells them for a small block chevy...
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    coil questions..

    It wasn't the smartest thing Ive ever done but I put a Fabtech long travel kit on my s10 and even with almost a massive 9" of travel, needless to say it needs alot of help. The truck is ex-cab and has a V6 but I went with the 4cyl coils for a better ride. It rides way to soft and rides on the...