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    CORR Chula Vista Photos

    Thats as a close as my 300mm lens would go, thats without image stabilization, I just used a monopod. I'd like to get a media pass in Sept. to get some better shots, it's just a hobby for me.
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    CORR Chula Vista Photos

    It was a reach from about half way up the stands.
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    Sign this petition, important!

    22,447 and counting!
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    Baja 500 Photos - Post yours!

    From the start.
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    Baja 500 Photos - Post yours!

    Here's a few from the start.
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    4 Hi (Headlights)

    I know it may look backwards at first, but remember its a negative switched circuit on the 99+ models. I mounted the relay on the passenger side, between the headlight and the parking light, behind the grill, there is a 10mm screw.. this works pretty good. 1. run#86 on the relay through a black...
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    What does a transducer do?

    I forgot to add that this truck has a 6" Pro Comp lift, if that would help. Fabricator, The noise is definately from around the transmission / transfer case area. So intake manifold is out of the question. They have ran it on the hoist but it still wasn't distinct enough. Not only that, the...
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    What does a transducer do?

    Matt, The sound is from outside the cab under the truck near the transmission / transfercase. The dash replacement I thought was going to be a headache at the DMV so I told Norm, the dealership owner, that he was going to be responsible for taking care of the paperwork. He told me it would be my...
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    What does a transducer do?

    The sound is a high pitch squeal, simular ta a bad bearing. But all of the bearings in the transfer case have been replaced. The dealership had my truck for 30 days, and for about 20 of them they had no idea what the problem. They narrowed it down to transfer case after doing a sound test...
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    What does a transducer do?

    I have an 01 Silverado Z71 and I have a squealing sound coming from the transmission or the transfer case. I was told by the owner of the dealership that this was probably the transducer for the cruise control or the speed, which will require changing the dash speedo, thus a huge headache at the DMV...
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    Dune Fees!

    Does anyone know who signed this increase? I thought my green sticker registration fees where supposed to be used to keep these areas open. Where is that money going?? There was a sign posted at the pay station stating that they have spent 16 million dollars in the dunes,grading sand...
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    Dune Fees!

    Was out at Glamis this weekend and one of my friends was cited for not having his pass. He happened to be the only one at camp at the time, so they only cited him, but said they would be back. Sure enough they came back later in the evening and everyone had already puchased the weekly pass...
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    Do Not Call List "Screwed again!"

    Re: Do Not Call List \"Screwed again!\" I heard on the radio today that one of the judges who overturned the DO NOT CALL LIST, was actually on the do not call list, how ironic. Jason
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    Have you swam with the sharks?

    QUICK, SWIM. Even dolphins could get a little uneasy. Jason
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    what plasma cutters to buy?

    It sounds like it is 3 phase. Not going to work in your house. 230v single phase is what you have. 3 phase is for commercial use. Jason
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    Taco Tues in San Diego?

    I'm down, I've been meaning to go and meet up with some of you, but always forget. So next Tuesday I'll make it. As long as it is still "PB" Bar and Grill. Jason
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    Back to the 80s time killer

    48 not bad being born in 78'. Spoon gagger! Jason
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    CD Player choices for prerunners?

    I have the Kenwood MPV-7019 which will play CD-R's and CD-RW's along with MP3's. It will change the display like 67 diferent colors(who cares). It has front and rear preouts and Sirius ready,( I don't have the service though.) and changer controls. I don't recomened their changers though...
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    I have been by Kevin's shop and talked to him about 3 years ago. I have also seen 3 trucks he built, an S-10 and 2 rangers, his and the Ranger on ebay. The S-10 originally had design issues which I beleive were resolved. And for the Ranger, the customer was not completly satisfied, but it's...
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    Jump Champs Wrapup!

    Damn, what happened to Ryan Rose's truck?? Was that the rear trailing arm that broke?? Other than that looks like everyone had fun!!!!!!