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    Class 8 Hummer Pictures of Build

    What size spring you running on the front?
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    KIBBETECH 2004 silverado build

    Whatever happened to this thing? Did it get placed on the back burner or ?
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    My 2007 Chevy Classic w/ 0 miles....

    Any more updates on this bad boy?
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    Spindle Lift

    Agreed on DAVR. Never heard of them. Also based on what you said your truck is, 1500HD 2wd, your going to be a torsion suspension which means no coils like you stated. Stick with what Matt says. He knows his stuff. Take a look at CST for something mild and then some indexed torsion keys and...
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    Silverado front fiberglass--who makes this

    That looks like Trailer Products One Piece front end and rear bedsides.
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    3D Offroads prerunner

    Sorry for going off topic, but Chris what is up with the 2500HD kit? Shoot me a PM please. Back to the tread :p
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    3D Offroads prerunner

    Any updates on this thing? Sure missing the outcome of this beautiful truck. Keep us all posted on the final outcome.
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    Finally on here!

    Thanks glamisrider. Appreciate the reply.
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    Finally on here!

    Well it only took me forever to get logged on and join the forum. Anyways name is Nick and live in SoCal. Nice to meet everyone