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    SAN FELIPE 250/ class21&22 together

    so it's almost that time to start planning for the SF 250. We are wondering if score will finally combined class 21 and 22 as one? There really is no different between the two classes, we all run 450cc bikes. These two classes are pro classes the only thing that is different is class 22 gets all...
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    warrior production free ride day!!

    Warrior production will be hosting a free ride day for desert racers. We will be filming all day to capture footage for a new movie and DVD release,everyone is welcome to attend there will be free food drinks and cold ones while they last. possible pay for some pro riders and expert. please...
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    So who do you pick to win class22 and class 21 this year at the baja sf250
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    Ronnie wilson

    we would like to thank SIN CLOTHING COMPANY for their sponsorship and awsome gear.
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    Ronnie wilson

    Ronnie wilson will be defending his class 21 title this year in mexico at the san felipe 250. Wilson racing will be taking part in this years score baja race series. We plan on going down there and being one of the players in class 22. The class 22 team will be lead by shane esposito. This years...
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    kenda carlsbad

    have you tried a kenda carlsbad yet?:):)
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    first off the line?

    So i have heard that class 21 will be first off the line for the 1000 this year. Has anyone heard the same?
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    looking for class21 riders

    if you want to be apart of a class 21 team that will win this years championship and you are willing to prerun and not complain, please drop me a email. i do pick up costs and make it well worth a good riders time to come down and race, please serious racers only, we should be in first place...
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    hello my name is evilone

    can we go racing now?