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    09' Baja 500 Picks

    if childress doesn`t crash you can`t beat him but that`s a big if, if you know childress he crashes alot. you can`t touch him in the whoop`s he is way to fast, almost as fast as me,. did i say that......LOL!
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    09' Baja 500 Picks

    Yeah rojas rode with me at the 250
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    09' Baja 500 Picks

    what`s up this is ronnie wilson 107x, i got second at san felipe, i do ride with mike blackman and i also have been racing for over 20 years, yes i am new to baja but plan on winning class 21 this year, i also have caleb gossaler on my team, just wanted to touch basis take care rw
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    09' Baja 500 Picks

    Hello i am ronnie wilson that races class 21 bike 107x is the number for the 500. I have not just started racing, i have been racing for over 20 years, i am just chasing a dream of winning a baja championship, i have put together a strong team, i have rojas on my team too. I think we have a good...
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    Hello my name ronnie

    I already did this
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    Class 21 ronnie wilson

    My friend greg got me into racing desert. I have been racing motorcross for about 20 years now, i have always had a dream of racing baja and winning a championship. I raced the 1000 last year with mike blackman and we did pretty good. I also race a trophy truck with my boss i am a driver too. I...