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    Driveshaft TV update

    I just wanted to post a note to all of you who helped me find Fabricators for the TV show Driveshaft. The first episode is complete (edited and all) and was a total blast to do. The Southern California off-road community was well represented by some of the cast members on the show. Pat, the...
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    Toyota Ignition Problem

    Okay, I have a problem with the ignition system on my Toyota. It is an 88 with a carburetor and it has spark coming out of the coil (though it seems weak) and nothing at the plugs. The cap looks fine, the rotor looks fine and the wires look fine. It was running, I shut it off for a couple...
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    HELP! Mud Racing Expert Needed!

    Okay guys and gals, you're probably tired of seeing my posts about Driveshaft, but I have an odd request. We want two experts in the field of mud racing (think stretched out Jeeps and S-10s) or even Sand Drags. If you have some experience in the field, drop me a P.M., send an e-mail to...
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    Show your Fab skills on national TV!!!

    Okay here's the deal. I have been asked to be the Technical Advisor for a new TV show that is going to be on Fox's cable channel, FX. The show is called Driveshaft and it is going to produced by the same folks that do Monster Garage, Original Productions. It is going to pit two teams of...
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    Rear coil spring rates

    I decided to go ahead and run a link-style rear suspension on my Toyota. I am going to be running a set of 14-inch King coil-overs on the rear mounted just slightly forward of the half-way point on the lower link bar. I have a single spare tire and an 18-gallon fuel cell mounted behind the rear...