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    On Topic Truck and motorcycle stolen at contingency, please be on the look out!

    Leave nothing in your car that you can't do without. Whenever I park in Baja I pull the underhood relays. It would take a bunch of time to steal my truck.
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    4WD desert racing etiquette...

    I've raced a bunch of 4wd cars in the states and in Baja. I've righted upside-down trophy trucks, pulled buggies out of silt and even a vintage f-100 standing on end. I welded a hook on the back of one race car upside-down so someone could hook and hold until it was snug, then when recovered...
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    Corbeau Baja XP or PRP Comp seat

    I raced limited cars with the PRP Comp Pro. I raced unlimited cars with a Mastercraft seat. Hands down the PRP was way more comfortable.
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    2016 BITD Vegas to Reno

    RM 535
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    2016 BITD Vegas to Reno

    his tummy hurts
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    Baja 500 Race Day Coverage

    Weatherman said 77 had a flat.
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    Baja 500 Race Day Coverage

    1x leading, through san vicente
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    Baja 500 Race Day Coverage

    Bike has been found and about to restart race.
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    Official BITD Bluewater Challenge 2014

    tracker shows parked at RM17.5
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    Official BITD Bluewater Challenge 2014

    life isn't fair! top 3 tt's within 3 seconds of eachother after 1 lap is cool!
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    Official BITD Bluewater Challenge 2014

    All the way Ray!
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    2014 SCORE Baja 500 - Official Update Thread

    Just had Menzies at 119 mph!
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    Here's my story - what's yours?

    My story isn't unlike most here. I grew up in Yucca Valley so off roading was a way of life. I often rode my RM 80 to elementary school, stashed it at a friends house and walked the rest of the way. I would get home from school and ride until it was dark, sometimes later. I did the Morongo...
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    Cry baby excuses.

    I'm not a fan of you because of excuses, driving style, lifestyle, sponsors or anything else. I'm a fan of you because you washed cars at the fastaid fund raiser for the CA200. I'm a fan for what you did with your 'protest' winnings from the 1000. Spending time and money for an orphanage in...
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    Baja 500 Hwy3: Props to Mexican Army, not so Mexican Federal Highway Police

    That guy went full arse clown. He just about ended his day/life/useless use of oxygen passing me just up the road from there. He'll prove Darwin's theory all by himself if he continues.
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    MDR update

    I have an example of exactly that. My buddy and I took our kids quail hunting. There were 4 boys, 10,9,8, and 7. The 10 and 9 year olds had passed hunters safety and were hunting. They got sick of chasing birds so they all went back to the truck. The boys with shotguns were told to put them...
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    Desert Racer vs. Rock Racer @ KOH

    I wasn't in the car and didn't hear the talk between Lance and Robby, but I would really like to know who decided to drive the waterfall at Wrecking ball. That was a very questionable decision.
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    Desert Racer vs. Rock Racer @ KOH

    You touched on something that I have believed for years. The bike roots. I have had a few drivers drive my cars over the years and now I will only let an experienced bike rider behind the wheel. They understand the importance of a good line, momentum and look ahead and usually avoid rocks. I...
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    Desert Racer vs. Rock Racer @ KOH

    There are about 30 guys competing that can win KOH. There are very few that have the talent, crew and preperation that it takes to win. I pitted for Randy Slawson and Ben Napier the last three years. Both those guys have what it takes to win. They have both come a long way in the last three...
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    SCORE Fuel Mandate

    A ruling on a mandate the week before a race on an online show is pretty lame.