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    93 S-10 Project that is one of my friends s10's. all the specs are on there but he basically got rid of everything in the front suspension. The uppers are j-arms and the lowers are on a subframe and it has a custom spindle, and he also has the deaver...
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    Race With Giant

    We grenaded our 4 speed automatic transmission in the race truck & we do not have time to put in a new c4. So we are putting the word out, anybody that can come up with a manual transmission, clutch, pressure plate, and the shifter can go for a ride and race in the truck this weekend. Must...
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    Which Equal Length/Beam Kit???

    If you are worried about the strength, Giant also sells the equal length kit with the 4x spindle that has the larger bearings and ball joints.
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    Which Equal Length/Beam Kit???

    thats exactly what it was, if you look at geoffs and mine trucks (same kits as the one truck), they dont rub like that
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    Bypasses for RC trucks

    "oh hell", im gonna have to sell my t-maxx before I start spending money on it again
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    Where would you live?

    Lake Havasu City, AZ, it borders with california, has a bitchin lake, and has the dez, and when I lived there it was the closest thing to cali not actually in cali. and the ppl there are just like the ppl in so cal.
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    pops motorsports ranger

    I have some pics, but I gotta get em scanned. the seats sit so far back in the x-cab that its like sitting in a single cab
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    Canitlever Pics.

    that leaf spring truck was built by prep by jake
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    "Oh well, I'll build another one, and run over my old one" You would never catch me
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    if those win ill steal your ticket... and your truck too... and nerf you with your own truck if you try to stop me
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    yeah, its a trip. I woke up this morning and there was just a yellow haze outside. and when I went to my truck it was COVERED in ash.
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    Banquet Pictures

    I didnt get that many but I posted what I got:
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    sucks to hear, hope you find it, we got the heim misalignment spacers stolen off our trailing arm on display at our booth
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    Lost Camera In Lucerne

    Im just curious if anyone happened to find a Canon Powershot A30 around the wall area this weekend in lucerne and picked it up, I misplaced it and never found it and really cant afford a new one.
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    ROR Time Trial Points Series Awards Presentation

    Geoff & I will be there
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    ROR Round 3 Time Trials ROLE CALL

    sept 20th and im guessing the gates open at 7am as usual. ill fo sho be there taking pics as usual and hopefully riding in Geoffs truck again
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    ive been laggin, I should have mine up on destroy by tonight