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    Reno Regionals who's coming?

    Check out this Prolite smokin deal if you don't have anything to race
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    Lucas Oil Regional - Utah Series

    Here's a cheap Prolite for anyone that wishes to race the regional series
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    What happened to all the Superlite trucks?

    Or this might be an option
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    Dirt-Sand-Glory Episode 1 & 2 / Funco Motorsports

    Im a huge fan of what funco is able to produce. I had an oppurtunity to meet the FUNCO peeps and they are a first class family willing to assist anyone who wishes to race. Congrats FUNCO and bring home the championship VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What is the correct etiquette?

    Another way to pass, is lick your index and middle fingers and attempt the "two in the pink" maneuver. If she goes for it, proper etiquette dictates it is now OK to move forward with "one in the stink"
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    Pflueger IRS Truck for sale?

    850k will you take a check lol
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    Looking for driver / team partner

    put me in coach!!
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    R I P Craig Parks

    RIP craig you will be missed
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    Ultra4x4, its a little Pro4

    Can we get some current pics of your ultra and a drivers review please?
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    Ultra4x4, its a little Pro4

    I know it's an old post but what happened to these trucks? How many where built?
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    SST Series in Vegas

    stadium lites!!!
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    SST Series in Vegas

    Bring back the stuperlites
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    Lucas Oil Regional Series AZ/ASCC 2013 Info

    What an exciting race weekend. does anyone know where can i find pics of the races?
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    Lucas Oil Regional Series AZ/ASCC 2013 Info

    This is it ladies and gentleman last two races of the season and I am freakin out. I can't wait I feel like a kid the day before x-mas.
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    Esslinger Pro Lite motors?

    I know this is an old thread but I'm in the market for a ford 2.3. I just picked up an old pro lite and just looking to gain some seat time. So does anyone have one laying around for sale??
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    Newer prolite wanted

    Just saw this one in the classified
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    Lucas Oil Regional Series AZ/ASCC 2013 Info

    A big shout out to Ponzetti performance and Todd wittman for helping me obtain the fastest lap time in the utv unlimited class. Unfortunately I DNF’ed but with their assistance I will have all the bugs worked out for the Tucson race. Oh and thanks to Tim Jones for putting together such an...
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    1968 to 1979 ford trucks photos!

    Take a look at this gem. This old ford belongs to Todd Wittman who has been tossing the idea of coming out of retirement to race this bad boy. He has also discussed selling it so if you’re interested please pm me for his contact info.
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    Congratulation Eddie Tafoya

    You sir are not getting enough credit. You won the race while dragging your front tire and you never let up. You my friend are a true inspiration to me. Congrats on the most imprssive win I have ever had the honor of seeing first hand
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    Miss Stadium Super Trucks

    Done done and done