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    What does a transducer do?

    I have an 01 Silverado Z71 and I have a squealing sound coming from the transmission or the transfer case. I was told by the owner of the dealership that this was probably the transducer for the cruise control or the speed, which will require changing the dash speedo, thus a huge headache at the DMV...
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    California no-call list

    Tired of annoying phone calls from ignorant telemarketers trying to sell you something your never going to use or need, here's a way to put a stop to that. Just click on the link below and fill out the information and wa-laa, no more phone calls.( I almost sound like one of those...
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    Shuttle Columbia

    I'm afraid to inform everyone that it appears the shuttle broke apart shortly after re-entry. Mission control lost radio contact and radar positioning around 9:00am ET this morning. Witnesses say they saw what appeares to be debris breaking apart over Texas. The shuttle was approximately 200.000...