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    My Truck Got Stolen!!!!!!

    My truck got stolen in ensenada on thursday morning before tech, right around the corner from Papas and Beer as we were eating breakfast in broad daylight. I am so absolutly pissed off i can't even put it into words. The realitly is it's probably stripped or burned by now but the truck or any...
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    2000 F250 question

    Does anybody know on the newer style powerstroke fords if there is a simple way to disconect the buzzer under the dash? I cured the no seat belt buzzer by sniping the wires that run to the latch it self, but i'd like to stop the "door open" buzzer as well, maybe it's the same one i don't know...
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    things that get overlooked

    This came off a hydralic test stand at work. It supports a three foot cooling fan on the front of a V6 detroit desiel and the part that is ground down is from a spun bearing. Who knows how long it's been like this, it should have been caught during a periodic inspection. But i thought it was...
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    big dumb

    I just saw this site <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> and it is the funiest thing i've ever seen. you can waste an hour looking at it. Boy, Farm
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    Henderson Results & Stories

    Any body know whats goin on out there or getting real time updates? Boy, Farm<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by klaus on 07/14/02 04:03 PM (server time).</FONT></P>
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    7s rear axle

    tried to find the answer but lost my rulebook, would a ford 9 inch on a toyota 7s be legal for score? the faster you go the smoother it is