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    1985 HDRA Fireworks 250 Fun run May 11 th

    Hey Klaus , I was hoping you can keep this in the Desert Forum for a little while as the lets meet up section doesn't see as much action . Looks like a good time. May 11th starts at Hodge road The1985 HDRA Fireworks 250 Fun Run (Full Course 10 am start) 10 AM · Stoddard Valley OHV-Off...

    Rasce Fuel & Water can you seperate if contaminated ?

    The recent rains caught me off guard, my fuel drum was sitting on my trailer that wasn’t level. The water collected at the large threaded hole with the cap on reasonably tight .My question is how can I check for water and possibly use this half a drum race fuel. Is there any way to separate...

    Satellite Tv choices ?

    I live in the country and have no other choice than use a satellite company for my Tv reception. For years I have used Direct Tv but after years of $125 plus a month service with unpredictable quality service I am looking for alternate choices. I would like to know what experiences and solutions...

    A child’s last dying wish lets help him.

    This is a simple request I copied from facebook This was posted in a Childhood leukemia ( ALL Jordi’s diagnose ) support group I am in . PLEASE SHARE to help this young warriors wish come true. SON AGE 11 HAS DECIDED TO GIVE UP FIGHTING LUKEIMIEA.HIS WISH IS TO HAVE HIS CASKET COVERED IN...

    HNR ?

    What is the best HNR for racing on a motorcycle ? And Why? Also could use some mounting tips for a camera...on the bike or the rider... where & how Thanks.

    Buying and selling a race car

    I am curious to see what others experience in selling and buying race cars are .Are people using cash or checks? My last car I traveled 400 miles it was a Saturday and banks were closed I didn’t expect them to take a check so I brought cash the seller freaked out because he didn’t want that...

    Cost Effective V8 Race Car Class

    A speck V8 race car is a very easy concept that already exist using these guidelines keep in mind we are trying to keep this as cost effective as possible so consider the formula Any size V8 combination Pump gas only, anyone using race fuel would have a restrictor plate or run a prescribed...

    Off Road Racers Hand Book

    I started this thread so our community can share suggestions and experiences that will be useful as a template or guide line to make an Off Road Racers Hand Book that focuses on all aspects of racing participation from driver to chase crew safety. Hopefully it will grow into something that...

    Bump stops and spring rate question

    I have a 4500 lb A arm car with no front bump stops ,I run 3 inch shocks and was told I don’t need bump stops because their built in the shock. Currently I have no suspension problems that I know of because of not having secondary bump stops .I am now being advised I shoud have them but...

    MORE race date mix up

    According to the RDC race date calendar The first race is January 17 , according to the MORE web site the race is February 28 I was ready for the 17th.

    BFG KR verses KRT

    I am interested to hear the comparison of the BFG Project KR tire compared to the new KRT Projects and the KMR'S. Some teams are using them on all 4 corners and some are using a combination of KRT on the rear with KR’s grooved on the front also I see other teams (established front runners)...

    Happy Birthday Beny Canela

    Beny has been racing off road since 1970 nonstop and has shared his experience with many of us along his way. Self-made he overcomes all obstacles and never gives up .I remember one race he broke his ring and pinion a couple miles from the finish, we borrowed the R&P from the winner to cross...

    Bartels Racing Burglarized

    These are good people keep an eye out for someone trying to sell 750 hp engines cheap! For further information contact Scott Daloisio (909) 226-7768 or mailto:[email protected] For Immediate Release CALIFORNIA RACE TEAM SUFFERS MAJOR LOSSES ...IN BURGLARY! (Perris, CA, February 17...

    Any pit service available for MORE races this year?

    Is there any pit services available at the MORE races this season? I don’t have time to go to pre-race meetings and have no volunteers or time to fight for pit location, only money to pay for service. What I am looking for is someone I can drop my trailer and equipment off at after Tec. I will...

    I Did

    This is a repeat post at the request posted on my screen

    Im Back

    I am a repeat subscriber, due to cyber difficulties beyond my control. Originally I logged on using my real name, sometime after my computer crashed and the RDC server could not recognize my email address, so I returned with a new alias that worked until I asked the Site section if it could...

    Lost in Cyber Space [Problem Solved]

    I joined RDC in 2008 as Mark Anderson a while later my computer crashed and I tried to log back on to rdc but it would not give me a password so I started a new account as Marxico Last week my account vanished, I applied for a new password and now it went back to my original account and will...

    Class 1 Copilot Seat Available

    2 Co rider seats available at the MORE 250 Night Race July 21st at Barstow Race starts at 6:30 pm, you will be riding in a Class 1 Trugy first rider will go for 4 laps then at the gas stop the second rider will go 3 laps 4 lap seat goes for $500 3 lap set goes for $400, helmet and fire...

    GO PRO Question

    Is there a program I need to down load to make my go pro video so I can burn a CD? I down loaded the camera to my windows media player I can view them from my computer successfully. When I try to burn a CD it only records the audio, I went back and now a pop up says it is too large to fit on...

    Lighting questions for racing in the dust

    What is the best lighting combination for racing at night in the dust? Do you shut down all over head lights and just use lower mounted lights? Do you run fog lights only or do you run a combination of both? Any preference of LED or HID? What is the best Fog Lite?