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  1. jeffjohnsen

    dual port motor for sale

    have a fresh dual port maxwell motor for sale, it has the best of everything and is stupid fast, comes with everything, al's headers, carb, coil, air filter, new clutch, ready to bolt onto your gearbox and rip. have a box of spare carb parts, coild, air cleaners.. $2500 obo
  2. jeffjohnsen

    Class 9 parts for sale

    I'll post pics below Maxwell racing engine with 3 races on it. $2700 Transaxle eng. swing axle transmission, fresh prep just picked up from the shop, complete with complete VW thing brakes. $2000 Pro am 4 speed shifter. $225 Silcock beam with 3 races on it with spring plates. $250 Mastercraft 3G...
  3. jeffjohnsen

    WTB single seat chasis

    does anyone know of a cheap 9 car chasis out there?
  4. jeffjohnsen

    Class 9 For Sale..

    hey its jeff i'm selling my car, its currently down to the chassis, the torsion housing is tweaked from a rock hit and needs to be fixed or replaced, besides that the chassis is good to go. i'm hoping to sell the car complete with all parts, spares and all my knowledge, how to set it up and how...
  5. jeffjohnsen

    who's racing next more race?

    map is up check out the course! sucks snore race is the same weekend only 2 entries so far whats up with that?
  6. jeffjohnsen

    BAP viiiiiiiiiideo

    some pals of mine strapped some movie cameras to my race car last month crazy thing is that it's the same song thats in the h. young motion picture.. what are the chances!! lets see some more racing movies from the battle at primm.. don't be shy kellie futch is SO fine btw
  7. jeffjohnsen

    2 Seater For Sale

    my 2 seat car that i bought off kyle and tony murray is for sale, the old american rentals car. it is complete minus motor, trans, shocks, wheels, drums, spindles and beam. if you need a beam i can make that happen. everything else is there and untouched since i built the single seat- fresh...
  8. jeffjohnsen

    Cracked Engine Case

    the crack you see in these pics is on the top left side by the trans mount. has anyone had any luck with welding magnesium cases with cracks like this? if so can you give me contact info
  9. jeffjohnsen

    hello, my name is jeff johnsen

    i finally managed to save up just enough money to get a car i just bought kyle murray's 2 seat jimco> my girlfriend wants to dump me ha