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  1. Jeepspeedster

    On Topic Whats going on with Class 9?

    been away from off road racing for a while, now looking thru classified for a Protruck (new Jeepspeed 4700 class) and noticed many class 9 for sale. Is the class 9 going away?
  2. Jeepspeedster

    On Topic 2017 NORRA 1000

    Time to get started. When and where to start ? Possible routes? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  3. Jeepspeedster

    End of an era, Class 1?

    Noticed six class 1 cars for sale just on front page of classifieds. Is this the end of class 1?
  4. Jeepspeedster

    Baja 500 Hotel rooms

    Any room cancelation? point of contact? Thanks
  5. Jeepspeedster

    Co-Driver looking for work

    If you are in need of a good co-driver, this is guy is ready to move on; enjoy
  6. Jeepspeedster

    Vegas to Reno map

    Tons of good info on BITD website including GPS and map
  7. Jeepspeedster

    BITD Henderson Map??

    is it out yet?
  8. Jeepspeedster

    BAJA 1000 results??

    anyone? it may be too early, just thought I ask.
  9. Jeepspeedster

    Why no IRC tracking at Parker this year

    IRC is sorry to announce it is not tracking the 2010 Best in the Desert Parker 425 event. We look forward to seeing you at the next event. Pre-paid customers will receive a full refund or a "rollover" to the next Best in the Desert event. IRC will contact pre-paid customers starting Monday...
  10. Jeepspeedster

    Ford V-8 5.4 liter

    how are the Ford V-8 engines holding up. Looking at a 2000 F-350 super duty with a 5.4 but high miles. Is there a risk?? I'll be towing my race truck and pit boxes with it Thanks
  11. Jeepspeedster

    FORD truck V-10 engine

    Looking at a F-350 4x4 pick up with a high milage V-10 engine. Need to know how these engines and trans combos are performing. Will be towing my race car with it. Any comments is appricated
  12. Jeepspeedster

    Primm Entry list

    Loks like a great turn out: Race course also uses a section of Primm short course
  13. Jeepspeedster

    Carfax, does it work

    Looking into buying a used 4x4 truck. What do you all think about carfax? does it work? Thanks
  14. Jeepspeedster

    Car Trailer stolen

    My car trailer was stolen yesterday from the side of I-15 south pf Temecula. My truck lost it's transmission, so had the truck towed, but AAA would not tow my flatbed trailer, because is not considered a RV. WAJ So I was forced to leave it behind for a few hours. I parked it off the HWY on a small...
  15. Jeepspeedster

    Off-Road Expo; what to look for

    Heading out this Sunday, just wanted to make sure I don't miss anything. Know of any cool stuff being displayed this weekend. Thanks
  16. Jeepspeedster

    Discount tickets???

    any discount tickets for this week's Pomona race? I am taking a bus load of people, could use some help. Thanks
  17. Jeepspeedster

    Schedule of event at Pomona??

    who has any idea, what the race format will be, what class, what time? Lets say Sat Thanks
  18. Jeepspeedster

    2008 BAJA 500 updates

    OK, it's time Who's got it? Let the show begin Thanks
  19. Jeepspeedster

    IRC questions, READ it may save your life

    The intend of this posting is to clarify how IRC system works, make correction on how we install, update our expectation and the use IRC system. I rolled my race car during TT-250, while doing repairs, a few questions come to my mind that I need your help with: While laying on my side...
  20. Jeepspeedster

    $5 off coupon for CORR this weekend

    Check Today's LA Times Sports section, page 3. Big add, and a $5 off coupon. Enjoy