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  1. RothShockService

    Spare Parts

    Does anyone make wheels for class 9 besides custom commercial and does anyone have any wheels and tires they want to sell looking for 5 lug 15x5 and any 30x7-15 tires, and a tie rod set up with rod ends in Socal
  2. RothShockService

    New racers to LOORS

    How many people are moving up in a class or just starting to race in general? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  3. RothShockService

    Jump Champs Photos For Sale 12-17

    I'll be out at Jump champs this weekend shooting all the classes, if you want a certian picture of your buggy or truck text me with a picture of your car and what class you are in at (714) 227-1127 or email me at pictures are on sale this weekend 1 for $5, 3 for $10, 5 for...
  4. RothShockService

    LOORRS Race Photography Oct 10

    I'll be out at lake Elsinore this weekend shooting all the classes I can do special requests like slowmo video up to 1500 fps pictures are on sale this weekend 1 for $2.50, 3 for $5, 5 for $10 and slowmo video is $10 per clip if you want pictures of your car text me at (714) 227-1127 or email me...
  5. RothShockService

    Purchase from RDC store

    On July 5th I bought the new land shark shirt and poster pack and my account was charged for it but it's been 3 weeks and no Oder conformation or shipping emails, so I was wondering who to talk to about this because when I click on info and contacts it just comes up as page not found. Sent...
  6. RothShockService

    Glen Helen Regional Pictures 7-9-16

    Post the number of your car what class you where in and ill see if i have pictures of your car.
  7. RothShockService

    class 11 suspension questions

    I have a 64 baja bug with a converted irs rear end with stock trailing arms and i want to increase my suspension travel and put on bigger shocks same thing i guess. I know i would need to switch to type 2 cvs and im supposed to notch the spring plate but i mostly hear mixed reviews about doing...
  8. RothShockService

    Who is going to ocotillo wells this week?

    We will be out by the county line and be doing $5 photography or you could just come by and hang out Baja bugs are free. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  9. RothShockService

    rear led light bar

    ive been looking for them and i can only find little ones for truck bed liners which ones are really good and where do you get them from also im going to put it on my baja bug so i only have 40 inches to work with max
  10. RothShockService

    On Any Sunday part 2

    So i just saw it earlier today for my 2 year anniversary and i was a little disappointed because they no where in it put anything about desert racing thatch just my thought about it what are your overall i would give it a 4/12 out of 5 still really good and Dana brown also made dust to glory so...
  11. RothShockService

    Anyone testing in barstow this sunday

    We are going out to test the trophy kart, the raptor 350, and the baja bug and i was wondering if we would see anyone out there this sunday i know the chances are small because of the 1,000 but still dosent hurt to know
  12. RothShockService

    To the guys who helped me with my broken bug thank you

    So my baja bug quit on me in the middle of the street and i was on a hill and had to push it up the hill and it was a long ass hill and about 300-400 cars passed me and the one car that is a prerunner pulls over and him and his friend help me push it up the hill and offers to tow me back to my...
  13. RothShockService

    Putting bus irs shocks on a bug

    I have a 64 baja bug and it has a 3 1/2 inch lift on the front and no lift on the back and it needs new rear shocks desperately and i was wondering if i could put a pair of shocks on it and what modifications i would need to do to it for it to fit you cant really see it in this picture but its...
  14. RothShockService

    How will the new cam am mavericks do in racing

    do you think anyone will allow them to run the factory turbo
  15. RothShockService

    Dumont or Glamis

    Which do you prefer and why
  16. RothShockService

    What would be a better prerunner/daily driver

    Im 16 and i want to know what would be the best car to make into a daily driver prerunner i want to get a bug but im not sure if that would be a good choice
  17. RothShockService

    Fore race August 30-31 pictures

    I was only there for the trophy karts and the last race i missed powder puff and the atvs. Just message me on rdc about your car and ill see if i have it.
  18. RothShockService

    Freedom 250 pictures race mile 50

    I'm sorry if i didn't get your car.
  19. RothShockService

    Freedom 250 what to expect

    Me and my dad are going to go out and watch what should we expect to see