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  1. 650Rider

    Need Help with a 4l80e stand alone controller

    So I am looking for some info. I am at the point of wiring my chevy prerunner. I'm runnung a Mefe4 ecu, but I need to figure out what to do about the trans controller. I think I need some sort of stand along controller, but am unsure on what direction to go. It will be a "Street Legal" truck...
  2. 650Rider

    oil cooler pluming

    I was wondering what is the proper size tubing to use when pluming my prerunner. I have to run the trans lines and engine oil lines and not too sure on what the best size would be. It's a full size chevy with a 6.0 ls engine(450 hp) and a 4l80e trans. The trans has 2 large cbr oil coolers...
  3. 650Rider

    Trans coole vs engine cooler

    I need some adcive, I have 2 large CBR oil coolers with fans on the back of my prerunner, I am wondering if I should use both of them for the trans, and a frame mount engine cooler with no fan. Or split them and use one for the trans and one for the engine? I'm running a 4l80e and a lq9(iron...
  4. 650Rider

    My long awaited Baja Shop build

    Let me know what you all think. AJ and the guys over at Baja Shop have done an awsome job so far. Not bad for a "budget" build. More to come. Specs: -94 Chevy z71 -Soon to have chevy lq9/4l80e street legal -Baja Shop cage front to back all 4130 -Baja Shop 4 link strapped at 30'' -Baja Shop...
  5. 650Rider

    edelbrock fuel pump for 94 chevy

    Im looking to get an edelbrock fuel pump for my 94 chevy, does anyone know which one, or what psi pump to get?
  6. 650Rider

    lq9 question

    I have a 04' lq9 that has the stock throttle body which is DBW, and would like to replace it with a cable pull style. I have had a hard time trying to find one that will work on this engine. Does anyone have and idea where to look, what to look for, any advice would help. Thanks
  7. 650Rider

    D44 Brake upgrade options

    Ok I need some help here. I am starting a prerunner build using D44 hubs on an A arm set up. I plan on using the power brakes system on the truck and I'm looking to find the best "upgrade" to do using stock parts. Building a custom spindle, so mounting a caliper is not a problem. I have read...
  8. 650Rider

    14 bolt rear end help

    I have a 94 chevy z71 with the factory 14 bolt rearend, I am wondering if you can widen a rearned... Is there any way to do this?
  9. 650Rider

    Retro Chevy Glass

    Soooo I have noticed hat the whole retro thing is starting to gain some attention, and am wondering if there is anything in the works for the 73-87 chevy trucks. Like a 1 piece clip/bedsided? I think that there could be some really cool things done with this truck in the way of a "retro" look...
  10. 650Rider


    Alright, so I picked up an '04 lq9(ls2 Iron block) and am in the process of cleaning and figuring the best budget mods for it. It is going in a smog exempt chevy standard cab, probably whith a t400, prerunner daily driver. I'm looking at either replacing the wiring harness, or re working the...
  11. 650Rider

    to gundrill or not to gundrill

    Ok, I'm wondering if gundrilling your 35 or 40 spline floating axle's is worth the extra$ it takes to do it, what are the big advantages / disadvantages if any. Your input is needed and welcome! Thanks!
  12. 650Rider

    Ford 4x4 Hubs

    So what if any is the best year for the ford 4x4 TTB hubs/spindle, is there a better bearing spread? Is there a better brake set up? Are the later model like 96' better than the 86's? It's going to be used on 2wd prerunner. Any input would help! Thanks!
  13. 650Rider

    Currie 9 inch

    Hello all. So I was wondering if I'm under gunned here. I have a Currie 9inch, 64'' flange to flange, with 35 spline equal length axles, big bearing housing, strange 3rd member, billet yoke, detroit locker. It's all trussed with back bracing and for 4 link. It is going in a f150 a standard...
  14. 650Rider

    auto fab hubs

    Ok, so I'm interested in the auto fab kingpin hub assembly, which is similar to sandy cone's hubs. Does anyone have any experience or feedback on these? For about half the price of Cone's they seem to be a good deal. It would be for a fullsize prerunner. Thanks!
  15. 650Rider

    Best years for the chevy 4.3

    So I was wondering what the best years were for the 4.3 if you were looking to pick one up. Are there any simple mods out there that can bump up the hp? Cam? Stroker?
  16. 650Rider

    Diesel smog

    I've got a diesel (1983) regestered prerunner, not so much deisel anymore. My question is, what do you think the prospects are in the near future of having to smog this vehicle? Thanks!
  17. 650Rider

    New project Help

    I need some advise on a project I'm going to start. I'm going to build a fullsize prerunner I beam/4 link. I'm going to start with a pre 75' frame, ford or chevy, but was wondering which would be the better frame to start with, the ford or chevy. Whatever I decide, it will have a newer...
  18. 650Rider

    Best Years for a turbo 400

    Ok all you transmission guys, I am wondering what is the best year and vehicle to find a good base to build a t400, if there is such a thing or will any case do and just build any old t400.
  19. 650Rider

    E 300 Ford Van meams

    I was wondering where I can find a set of early 70's Ford E300 1 inch Kingpin Beams, or if anyone has a set they would be willing to part with. They seem to be difficult to track down! Thanks, Chris.
  20. 650Rider

    Hello my name is Chris

    I'm new here but not new to desert racing, I race a 5-unlimited car with the Class5coalition and have riden most of my life, primairly in baja. I'd love to help out in any way possiable and also find some good info that I know is around site. Thanks.